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2019-12-14 Coming up in plenary: Sakharov Prize, new Ombudsman, rule of law in Malta

2019-12-14 Cloudy Weekend Weather

2019-12-14 Ski Legend Mario Matt Opens The Ski Season in Bansko

2019-12-13 Boris Johnson: UK Leaves EU on January 31st - "no ifs, no buts"

2019-12-13 US Company Gave Away $ 10 Million in Christmas Bonuses

2019-12-13 NIMH: EFAS Warns of Potential Flash Flooding in the Lower Reaches of the Mesta River Basin Tomorrow

2019-12-13 YouTube Has Introduced Stricter Rules for Video Content

2019-12-13 The US Has Reached a Trade Deal "In Principle” with China

2019-12-13 The European Commission Organizes Donors' Conference for Albania

2019-12-13 A Bus with Children Crashed near Yambol

2019-12-13 77% of the Bulgarians Consider that it is Fair for Heavy Goods Vehicles and Buses to Pay Higher Toll Taxes

2019-12-12 Ekaterina Zaharieva to Participate in the Black Sea Economic Cooperation Forum

2019-12-12 1.5% of the People in Bulgaria Have Unmet Medical Needs due to Treatment being Unaffordable

2019-12-12 Increase in the Bulgarian Exports to the EU

2019-12-12 Green deal for Europe: First reactions from MEPs

2019-12-12 PM Boyko Borissov Meets with NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg

2019-12-12 Extraordinary General Election in the UK Today

2019-12-12 Two Tonnes of Cocaine Seized in a Narco-Submarine in Peru

2019-12-12 NATO: Multinational Special Aviation Programme Training Centre Opens in Croatia

2019-12-12 MEPs have modest expectations for crucial EU budget summit

2019-12-11 NotreDame - The Most Commented Topic on Twitter this Year

2019-12-11 Best Resorts in Bulgaria for Skiing Enthusiasts

2019-12-11 A 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Turkey

2019-12-11 A Code Yellow Warning for Fog in Place for 15 Regions in Bulgaria

2019-12-11 Johnson: If we Don't Win the Election, Brexit Will be "Very Difficult" to Implement

2019-12-11 Tens of Thousands Have Protested in the Czech Republic against Prime Minister Andrej Babis

2019-12-11 Sakharov Walk of Freedom

2019-12-10 President Rumen Radev Addressed the Startup Entrepreneurs: Your Non-standard and Brave Ideas Take Us to the Country of the Future

2019-12-10 Sofia International Book Fair Starts Today

2019-12-10 MFF: Commission’s plan “impossible to implement” with Finnish proposal

2019-12-10 Eurobarometer: protecting human rights tops citizens’ list of EU values

2019-12-10 Bulgaria's Foreign Minister: EU Accession Negotiations with North Macedonia and Albania Shouldn't be Delayed

2019-12-10 Today is the International Human Rights Day

2019-12-09 Turkey Returns 11 Jihadists to France

2019-12-09 Bulgaria Ranks 52nd out of 189 Countries in the Human Development Index

2019-12-09 MEPs push for high ambitions at the COP25 in Madrid

2019-12-09 European Green Deal to be presented in plenary by Commission President

2019-12-09 In Parliament this week: special climate session, future of Europe, Sakharov Prize

2019-12-09 First Polio Case in Malaysia in 27 Years

2019-12-09 Volcano Erupts in New Zealand, Tourists are Missing

2019-12-09 The Greece-Bulgaria Intersystem Gas Connection Was Ratified

2019-12-09 Minister Desislava Taneva: There is no Salmonella-Infected Chicken on the Market

2019-12-06 Police Took Down a Drug Trafficking Network in Europe, 11 Arrested

2019-12-06 More than 140,000 People Died from Measles Globally Last Year

2019-12-06 Death Toll from a Migrant Boat Capsizing Off Mauritania Rises to 63

2019-12-06 Gas Explosion in a Residential Building in Slovakia, there Are Casualties

2019-12-06 Towards a Conference on the Future of Europe

2019-12-06 Donald Tusk: Brexit - One of the Most Spectacular Mistakes in the EU History

2019-12-06 Polish Customs Officers Seized Cocaine for Half a Billion Euro in Poland

2019-12-06 Pirates Abducted 19 Members of a Greek Tanker


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