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Last news

2019-07-23 President Rumen Radev is on a Working Visit to Croatia

2019-07-23 Bulgaria Big On Bitcoin As Reserves Could Exceed Its Gold Stash

2019-07-22 The EC Sends Experts to Bulgaria Due to the African Swine Fever

2019-07-22 More than 90% of The Mountain Rescue Service's Rescuers Are Volunteers

2019-07-22 Valeri Simeonov: This Summer the Tourists Are Less, but the Revenues Have Increased

2019-07-22 Ivan Geshev Was Nominated for Chief Prosecutor

2019-07-22 69% of Bulgarians Approve the Reduction of Party Subsidies from BGN 11 to BGN 1 Per Vote

2019-07-22 Splish, splash! Swimming safely in European waters this summer

2019-07-22 Economic Losses From Bad Weather in Europe in June Will Cost $ 2 billion

2019-07-22 Zelensyi's Party is the Big Winner of the Ukrainian Elections

2019-07-22 Hackers Attacked the Websites of the Airports in Burgas and Varna

2019-07-21 Over 200,000 People Visited the Rozhen Fair in the Rhodope Mountains

2019-07-21 Female Suicide Bomber Killed 6 People in Pakistan

2019-07-21 16 Heavy Traffic Accidents Over the Past 24 Hours in Bulgaria

2019-07-21 The BFSA Inspections on the Markets in Sofia Continue

2019-07-21 Vivacom Filed a Complaint Against Apple in Bulgaria's Commission for the Protection of Competition

2019-07-21 Plovdiv Entreprenuer Plans a 90-meter Skyscraper in Sofia

2019-07-21 Trillions of Cigarette Butts Thrown on the Ground Annually

2019-07-21 UEFA Gives Partial Stadium Bans to Bulgaria, Romania for Fan Racism

2019-07-21 First Industrial Farm Hit by African Swine Fever in Bulgaria

2019-07-21 Bulgarian PM Borisov will Support Kovesi as EU Chief Prosecutor

2019-07-20 The Traffic on Trakia Highway Will Be Stopped for an Hour Tonight

2019-07-20 Tomislav Donchev: We Need to Spend more Money on Cybersecurity

2019-07-20 Rescue Teams Help Two Injured Paragliders near Dupnitsa

2019-07-20 French-German Consortium Wins Sofia Airport Concession Tender

2019-07-20 Rozhen 2019 National Folklore Fair Began

2019-07-20 New Management of Bulgaria’s State Fund Agriculture Elected

2019-07-20 Bulgarian Appointed to be Chief Spokesperson of European Commission

2019-07-19 Eurostat: Infants Mortality in the EU Is the Highest in Malta, Romania and Bulgaria

2019-07-19 The G7 Countries Are Preparing a New Digital Tax

2019-07-19 The BDZ Timetable Already on Google Maps

2019-07-19 European Parliament maintains its support to the Romanian candidate for European Chief Prosecutor

2019-07-19 Plenary highlights: new Commission head, Council presidencies, human rights

2019-07-19 Russia Urged Europe to Clarify its Position on the Iranian Nuclear Agreement

2019-07-19 Bulgarian National Assembly Will Ratify Today the F-16 Purchase Contracts

2019-07-18 PM Borissov Seeks Support from the World Bank for the Sofia-Skopje-Tirana Corridor

2019-07-18 Human rights breaches in Hong Kong, Russia and at the US-Mexican border

2019-07-18 Meet the new chairs of the parliamentary committees

2019-07-18 Venezuela: European Parliament calls for additional sanctions

2019-07-18 7 Years Since the Sarafovo Airport Attack in Burgas

2019-07-18 A New Study on the Dual Standard of Food Begins

2019-07-17 The National Assembly Will Discuss the Financing of Political Parties once again

2019-07-17 How to Extend Your Business on Other Markets

2019-07-17 A Free Hepatitis C Research Campaign Starts Tomorrow

2019-07-17 Finnish Council Presidency priorities debated in plenary

2019-07-17 Christine Lagarde Resignes as Firector of the IMF

2019-07-17 Migration from Eastern Europe Has Led to a Great Increase of the Population of Germany

2019-07-17 Ursula von der Leyen Elected European Commission President

2019-07-16 The Toll System Will Start Running at 12-14 Stotinki per Kilometer

2019-07-16 Every Day on Average 74 Bulgarians Emigrated to Germany in 2018


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