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2020-08-14 Farmers affected by fires in Haskovo region to receive financial compensations

2020-08-14 President Radev: Confidence in the ruling majority has been irretrievably lost

2020-08-14 37th consecutive day of protests in Bulgaria begins in front of Presidency building

2020-08-14 Serbia: Mandatory Negative PCR Test for Arrivals from Bulgaria, Croatia, Northern Macedonia and Romania

2020-08-14 European Commission: First Agreement on a Potential Vaccine Against COVID-19

2020-08-14 BSP MP: Grand National Assembly is convened by a two-thirds majority of all MPs

2020-08-14 176 new Covid-19 cases registered out of 5,877 PCR tests performed

2020-08-14 Low salaries are the most frequent motive to change jobs

2020-08-14 Protesters block road to Kalotina border crossing

2020-08-14 Merger market: New Sale of Telenor Bulgaria Contemplated

2020-08-14 Bulgarian National Bank Issuing a New Banknote

2020-08-14 Bulgaria: Deputy Director of Pazardzhik Police Dies of COVID-19 Infection

2020-08-14 Breaking News: Bulgarian PM Borissov Calls for Convening Grand National Assembly and Changes to the Constitution, Plans to Resign Afterwards

2020-08-14 Sailing regatta “Cor Carolli” begins in Bulgaria’s coastal city of Bourgas

2020-08-14 Nearly two thirds of Bulgarians are smokers

2020-08-14 Eight Stations of the Third Metro Line in Sofia Will be Launched by the End of August

2020-08-14 Presecutors Investigate the Italian PM and Other Members of His Government Over How They Handled the COVID-19 Crisis

2020-08-14 Greek Scientists Expect Second Wave as Coronavirus Cases Spike Among Younger Generation

2020-08-14 Israel And The United Arab Emirates Have Reached a Historic Agreement

2020-08-13 Asylum and migration in the EU: facts and figures

2020-08-13 Former Vice-Chairman of GERB Tsvetanov Founding "Republicans for Bulgaria" on August 27th

2020-08-13 Bulgaria's Economy Minister: New SME Grant of BGN 80 Million in September

2020-08-13 Bulgaria's Prosecutor Office: The Port and Buildings within Dogan's Beachside Mansion in Rosenets Are Illegal

2020-08-13 Bulgaria: Bitcoin Farm in Kyustendil Stole Electricity for BGN 2.5 Million

2020-08-13 Extraordinary sitting of Bulgaria’s National Assembly fails, protesters shout Resignation

2020-08-13 Kornelia Ninova: Boyko Borissov buys off his survival

2020-08-13 2019 - One of The Three Warmest Years in History

2020-08-13 Masks Become Mandatory at Upcoming Mass Public Events in Plovdiv

2020-08-13 Minsk: Police Battled Protesters, One Dead

2020-08-13 Prof. Todor Kantardzhiev: An Increase in the Mortality From COVID-19 is Expected

2020-08-13 Bulgaria: Passenger Train Hits Rocks When Exiting a Tunnel

2020-08-13 Protesters gather in front of National Assembly building on the 36th day of antigovernment rally

2020-08-13 Bulgaria reports 171 new cases of Covid-19 out of 5,108 PCR tests performed

2020-08-12 New 2,000 MW nuclear plant is among Bulgaria's priorities until 2030

2020-08-12 Almost half of young Bulgarians live with their parents

2020-08-12 Non-compliance with epidemic measures is worrying: Dr. Stanimir Hasardzhiev

2020-08-12 Looking ahead: what MEPs will work on until the end of 2020

2020-08-12 Council of Ministers: BGN 20 Million Help Per Month for Working Families with Children in Bulgaria

2020-08-12 Rise of number of tourists in Sozopol and Lozenets this season

2020-08-12 Citizens' questions about coronavirus are most often related to quarantine

2020-08-12 Traffic congestion on Trakia highway because of protest

2020-08-12 Bulgarian Parliament Allocates BGN 16 Million to Modernize Classrooms in 160 Schools

2020-08-12 Weather in Bulgaria: Mostly Sunny Today, Rain in the Afternoon

2020-08-12 Extraordinary Sitting of the Bulgarian Parliament Will be Held on Thursday

2020-08-12 Bulgaria: Tanker Truck Exploded Near Devin

2020-08-12 COVID-19 in Bulgaria: 210 New Cases in 5388 PCR Tests

2020-08-12 Protests in Bulgaria, Day 34: New Blockade, Protesters Throw Tomatoes and Green Balls of Paint

2020-08-11 Trump's Briefing was Abruptly Interupted by Shooting Outside the White House

2020-08-11 15-Year Old Girl Detained for Phone Fraud in Bulgaria

2020-08-11 ER in Burgas wants police protection


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