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2020-06-06 Where and When We Will be Able to Travel for the Rest of 2020

2020-06-06 41 new cases of coronavirus, 138 recovered patients in Bulgaria in past 24 hours

2020-06-05 Hotels in Golden Sands open by 1 July

2020-06-05 Substitution of letters on Bulgarian keyboard proposed

2020-06-05 World Environment Day focuses on Biodiversity

2020-06-05 Teenager Murdered in Sofia

2020-06-05 A Man Wanted by Interpol is Detained in Sofia

2020-06-05 Tracing apps: MEPs assess privacy challenges during the COVID-19 pandemic

2020-06-05 MEPs debate human rights situation in the US after the death of George Floyd

2020-06-05 The European Parliament - The week ahead 08 - 14 June 2020

2020-06-05 More Than 10,000 Arrested Protesters in America

2020-06-05 Local outbreak of Covid-19 in Sarnitsa

2020-06-05 33 new cases of Covid-19 in Bulgaria in the past 24 hours

2020-06-05 Returning to free movement across borders is of utmost importance

2020-06-04 Schengen: enlargement of Europe’s border-free area

2020-06-04 Schengen: what issues affect the border-free zone?

2020-06-04 Returning to free movement across borders is of utmost importance

2020-06-04 Turkey Will Resume Flights to Bulgaria as of June 10

2020-06-04 PM Boyko Borrisov: How Difficult it is to Build a Bridge and How Fast You Cross It

2020-06-04 CAP reform must be green, says environment MEPs

2020-06-04 10 Reasons Why You Should Use VPN while in Bulgaria

2020-06-04 Sofia in 30th Place in Terms of Rising Property Prices

2020-06-04 Summarized data on Covid-19 in Bulgaria

2020-06-04 Human rights in the United States: MEPs to discuss the death of George Floyd

2020-06-04 COVID-19: MEPs call for €300 million EU pledge to the Vaccine Alliance

2020-06-04 An Earthquake of Magnitude 6.8 Struck Off Chile’s Coast

2020-06-03 Parliament’s case for an ambitious EU long-term budget (infographics)

2020-06-03 Bulgaria allows sports competitions in front of live audience

2020-06-03 There will be no apocalyptic second wave of Covid-19: Assoc. Prof. Atanas Mangarov

2020-06-03 Covid-19 is coming to an end for this season: Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev

2020-06-03 Council of Europe: Bulgaria has Implemented All Anti-Corruption Measures

2020-06-03 European Commission: Bulgaria Has No Legal Criteria for the Minimum Wages

2020-06-03 Trainings for 7,000 Unemployed Professions in Bulgaria

2020-06-03 2560 Cases of COVID-19 in Bulgaria, 22 Newly Registered for June 3

2020-06-03 Bulgaria's PM Boyko Borissov: The State of Emergency Expires on June 15 and All Measures Must be Lifted

2020-06-03 Mass Killing of Elephants in Ethiopia

2020-06-03 Trump Threatens to Deploy the US MiIitary if "Violent Protests" Continue

2020-06-02 Covid-19: EU recovery plan should prioritise climate investment

2020-06-02 In Varna Student Who Killed his Father Was Found Guilty

2020-06-02 Summer in Greece: No Team Sports on the Beach, Packaged Food from Restaurants

2020-06-02 EU action: research on Covid-19 vaccines and cures

2020-06-02 WHO: Be Careful, This is Still a Killer Virus, after Claim by Italian Doctor

2020-06-02 Government of Bulgaria will Allocate BGN 600,000 for the Rila Monastery

2020-06-02 Border controls in Schengen due to coronavirus: what can the EU do?

2020-06-02 The Last Patients With COVID-19 Have Been Discharged From Pirogov Hospital

2020-06-02 The Notre-Dame Cathedral Can be Seen for the First Time Since Last Year

2020-06-02 Bulgarians Celebrate the Day of Hristo Botev and All Those Who Died for Freedom and Independence of Bulgaria

2020-06-02 19 New Cases of Coronavirus in Bulgaria, Total: 2538 on June 2

2020-06-01 Little-Known Health Risks of Driving Too Much

2020-06-01 Slaveya Stoyanova becomes Deputy Minister of Environment


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