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2019-10-14 Erdogan: Foreign Media Misinform about the Military Operation in Syria

2019-10-14 Ministry of the Interior: TISPOL Truck and Bus Operation Starting Today

2019-10-14 More than Half a Million Bulgarians Are Going to Travel During Christmas and New Year Holidays

2019-10-14 Queen Elizabeth II: Brexit on 31st October is UK Government Priority

2019-10-14 Rosen Plevneliev: Northern Macedonia must Be in the EU, Macron is Wrong

2019-10-14 Positive Reactions After the Premiere of a Bulgarian Sports Electric Car

2019-10-14 Hohlmeier: fighting climate change is the priority for the EU's 2020 budget

2019-10-14 Bulgaria to Propose EU Assistance to Refugees in Jordan

2019-10-14 Typhoon Hagibis Killed 35 People in Japan

2019-10-14 Three Bulgarians Were Killed in a Shooting in Chicago

2019-10-13 Prime Minister Boyko Borissov on a Working Visit in Jordan

2019-10-13 California Bans Leather and Fur Products

2019-10-13 NASA Will Resume its Piloted Flights to the ISS in Early 2020

2019-10-12 Woodbine Gives Fans New Horse Racing Simulator

2019-10-12 Spanish Paper Rates Eden Hazard As The Second-Worse Galactico After His Slow Start In Real Madrid Colors

2019-10-12 Bulgaria’s Parliament Sitting Failed, the Reason - Lack of Quorum

2019-10-12 Japan Is Preparing for the Most Powerful Typhoon in Over 60 Years

2019-10-12 The Annual Sofia Marathon Stops the Traffic on some of the City's Central Streets

2019-10-12 Museums and the Botanical Garden of BAS Will Be Free of Charge This Weekend

2019-10-11 The EU Gives "Green Light" to Intensive Brexit Talks

2019-10-11 A Bulgarian Scientist Has Won almost € 10 Million in Grants for her Project

2019-10-11 The MoEW Does NOT Negotiate with Italy for the Import of Waste from Rome

2019-10-11 Bulgaria and Georgia Discussed the Implementation of the Agreement on the Regulation of Labor Migration

2019-10-11 A Plane from Moscow to Burgas Has Made an Emergency Landing after Passenger Took Gun Onboard

2019-10-11 It is Possible For Bulgaria to Join the "Waiting Room" For the Euro Area by June 2020

2019-10-11 Borisov: Nearly BGN 4 billion Will be Spent on Defense This Year

2019-10-11 A 4.3 Magnitude Earthquake Registered in the Aegean Sea near Turkey

2019-10-11 There Are still Radioactively Contaminated Fungi more than 30 Years after Chernobyl

2019-10-11 Today Will be Announced the Nobel Prize For Peace

2019-10-11 EP: Russian Propaganda is the Main Source of Misinformation in Europe

2019-10-10 Bulgaria and Eleven more European Countries Join EU Road Safety Project

2019-10-10 Apple Has Removed an Application Used by Demonstrators in Hong Kong

2019-10-10 The Euro Zone Budget Will Be Approximately EUR 17 Billion

2019-10-10 Bulgaria Is the 77th Least Corrupt Country

2019-10-10 How to increase green investment in the EU

2019-10-10 Resumed hearing of Commissioner-designate Sylvie Goulard

2019-10-10 Delaying long-term EU investment plan would harm citizens and businesses

2019-10-10 President Rumen Radev is on a Working Visit to Athens

2019-10-10 Greece with the Highest Number of Unemployed Graduates in the EU

2019-10-10 Mariya Gabriel Opens an Exhibition For Sofia at the European Commission

2019-10-09 Mariya Gabriel Met with Bill Gates

2019-10-09 Bulgaria and Jordan Will Deepen their Cooperation in Tourism

2019-10-09 President David Sassoli meets Speaker of the UK House of Commons John Bercow

2019-10-09 Hearings: Sylvie Goulard faces more questions from MEPs on Thursday

2019-10-09 Donald Tusk Has Accused Boris Johnson of Playing with Europe's Future

2019-10-09 Bulgarians Evacuated from Hotel in Bodrum due to a Storm

2019-10-09 The UK Believes the EU Does not Compromise on Brexit Negotiations

2019-10-09 EU summit: MEPs to discuss long-term budget, policy priorities and Brexit at 15:00

2019-10-09 MEPs demand Council starts talks on the EU's long-term budget

2019-10-09 Sakharov Prize 2019: the finalists


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