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Last news

2022-01-25 Russia has added Navalny to the List of Terrorists and Extremists

2022-01-25 The United States has put 8,500 troops on High Alert to be Sent in Europe

2022-01-25 Ukraine's Security Service claims to have Thwarted “Armed Attacks” by a Russian Criminal Group

2022-01-25 British Foreign Minister: United Kingdom Unlikely to Send Troops to Ukraine

2022-01-25 Tedros Adhanom Gebreyes is the only Candidate for WHO Chief

2022-01-25 Three Memoranda were signed Today between Bulgaria and North Macedonia

2022-01-25 EU should build a sanctions regime against disinformation

2022-01-25 Future of Europe: people’s ideas for democracy and the planet

2022-01-25 European Parliament to commemorate International Holocaust Remembrance Day

2022-01-25 Protest before government meeting of Bulgaria and North Macedonia

2022-01-25 Governments of Bulgaria and North Macedonia meet in Sofia

2022-01-25 More than 11,000 new Covid infections registered for a day

2022-01-24 Restaurateurs in Bulgarian prepare to boycott new anti-epidemic measures

2022-01-24 The Euro has Weakened against the Dollar, Bitcoin at its Lowest Level in Six Months

2022-01-24 EU has No Plans to Withdraw from Ukraine and Expects the US to explain Why they did

2022-01-24 Coming up: Holocaust Remembrance Day, committee chairs and foreign interference

2022-01-24 Green certificate for entry into Bulgaria’s National Assembly enters into force today

2022-01-24 Todor Kantardzhiev: Coronavirus wave caused by the Omicron variant to subside at the end of the spring

2022-01-24 Bulgaria reports 2,847 new cases of Covid-19 out of 13,268 tests performed

2022-01-24 Bulgarians queue in front of Bulgarian National Bank to buy a coin in memory of Stoyanka Mutafova

2022-01-23 Serbian President: We are Spending €500 Million more than Bulgaria for Defense

2022-01-23 The Spanish Frigate Blas de Leso Sails to the Black Sea

2022-01-23 Bulgarian Mathematician: No More than 70-80% of Green Certificates are Genuine

2022-01-23 Iliana Yotova: The government has 100 days to prove itself, otherwise new elections will be held

2022-01-23 25% coronavirus positivity rate in Bulgaria in past day

2022-01-22 Ireland has Lifted almost All Restrictions due to Large Number of Booster Doses

2022-01-22 Kornelia Ninova Remains as Leader of the Bulgarian Socialist Party

2022-01-22 US Military Aid has arrived in Ukraine. The Baltic States will send Missiles to Kiev

2022-01-22 After the Lavrov-Blinken meeting: Moscow is Waiting for an Answer by Next Week

2022-01-22 Sweden and Finland - in Talks with NATO

2022-01-22 The EC welcomes the Dialogue between the Prime Ministers of Bulgaria and North Macedonia

2022-01-22 Bulgaria reports 9,874 daily Covid-19 infections, a positivity rate of 22.5%

2022-01-21 Plenary highlights: new EP president, French priorities for EU, digital services

2022-01-21 Spain has sent Warships to the Black Sea and is Preparing Fighter Jets for Bulgaria

2022-01-21 Russia's Foreign Ministry: NATO forces Must be Withdrawn from Bulgaria and Romania

2022-01-21 Spanish Eurofighter aircraft to guard Bulgaria’s airspace

2022-01-21 Bulgaria reports sharp decrease in daily Covid-19 recoveries

2022-01-20 Health Union: a stronger role for the European Medicines Agency

2022-01-20 Court of Auditors: MEPs demand the Council submit a new Polish candidate

2022-01-20 Parliament updates the composition of its committees and subcommittees

2022-01-20 Animals must be better protected during transport

2022-01-20 Digital Services Act: regulating platforms for a safer online space for users

2022-01-20 Human rights breaches in Hong Kong, Kazakhstan and Sudan

2022-01-20 10,160 new Covid-19 infections registered in past day, one-quarter of tests return positive

2022-01-19 The White House: Russia could Launch an Invasion of Ukraine at any time

2022-01-19 Bulgarian Doctor: We are Waiting for a Vaccine that will Protect us Completely from COVID

2022-01-19 Boris Johnson: No Masks and COVID Certificates from Next Week

2022-01-19 Infographic: how the European Parliament president gets elected

2022-01-19 Conference on the Future of Europe: how to follow the third Plenary

2022-01-19 Roberta Metsola: Europe is about all of us standing up for one another


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