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2024-04-12 Parliament adopts new standards for equality bodies

2024-04-12 New EU rules to improve urban wastewater treatment and reuse

2024-04-12 Child sexual abuse online: current rules extended until April 2026

2024-04-12 Women must have full control of their sexual and reproductive health and rights

2024-04-11 Breakfast foods: Parliament adopts new rules to improve consumer information

2024-04-11 Parliament gives its final approval to the revised construction products regulation

2024-04-11 Methane: Parliament adopts new law to reduce emissions from energy sector

2024-04-11 Sustainability reporting: MEPs approve delayed standards for some companies

2024-04-11 His Majesty King Philippe: “Europe and the world are in dire need of hope”

2024-04-09 MEPs support visa freedom for Kosovo Serbs

2024-04-09 MEPs recommend EU withdrawal from the Energy Charter Treaty

2024-04-09 Deal on trade support for Ukraine with more protection for EU farmers

2024-04-09 EU job seeker’s aid worth €3 million for 835 dismissed steel workers in Germany

2024-04-05 Newsletter - 10-11 April 2024 - Brussels plenary session

2024-04-04 Deal on new support plan for the Western Balkans

2024-04-03 Revision of European Works Councils: need for more effective enforcement and functioning

2024-03-27 MEPs in Kyiv call for more support for Ukraine to drive back Russia

2024-03-26 Statement on the opening of accession negotiations with Bosnia and Herzegovina

2024-03-20 Deal to extend trade support for Ukraine with safeguards for EU farmers

2024-03-20 Enlargement is a geopolitical necessity, agree MEPs and foreign ministers

2024-03-19 Employment and Social Affairs MEPs endorse agreement on EU Disability Card

2024-03-19 Action needed to address truck queues at EU borders, say MEPs

2024-03-19 Plant and forest reproductive material regulations adopted by Agriculture MEPs

2024-03-19 Development: MEPs endorse the conclusion of the Samoa Agreement

2024-03-19 11th Ordinary Session of the Euronest Parliamentary Assembly: EU support to Ukraine and enlargement

2024-03-14 Investments tailored to improving people’s lives: EU budget 2025 priorities

2024-03-13 The European Parliament will not observe the 2024 Russian presidential election

2024-03-13 Legal migration: MEPs endorse beefed-up single residence and work permit rules

2024-03-13 New rules to freeze and confiscate the proceeds of crime

2024-03-13 Compulsory licensing: MEPs ensure EU access to strategic products in crises

2024-03-12 Reducing pollution from industry and large livestock farms

2024-03-12 New support plan for Western Balkans: better governance, bolstering EU values

2024-03-12 Soil Monitoring Law: MEPs set out measures to achieve healthy soils by 2050

2024-03-08 First go-ahead to renewing trade support for Ukraine and Moldova

2024-03-08 International Women’s Day: the fight for equality in sport is far from over

2024-03-05 Budgetary Control committee approves on Commission’s spending for 2022

2024-03-05 Investments tailored to improving people’s lives: MEPs’ EU budget priorities for 2025

2024-03-05 Getting rid of different methods to count transport emissions

2024-03-01 EU enlargement and reform: MEPs call for bold decisions

2024-03-01 MEPs back plans for an EU-wide digital wallet

2024-03-01 Parliament adopts plan to protect the EU energy market from manipulation

2024-02-29 Parliament calls for action against the erosion of EU values in member states

2024-02-29 Safeguarding the universality of human rights against authoritarian regimes

2024-02-28 Yulia Navalnaya: “If you want to defeat Putin, fight his criminal gang”

2024-02-28 MEPs warn European Central Bank it could be risking its credibility

2024-02-27 Environmental crimes: MEPs adopt extended list of offences and sanctions

2024-02-27 Nature restoration: Parliament adopts law to restore 20% of EU’s land and sea

2024-02-27 MEPs want more effective EU justice

2024-02-27 Waste shipments: MEPs adopt tougher EU rules

2024-02-26 Statement by the Presidents of the European Parliament, the European Council and the European Commission


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