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Last news

2021-03-05 Another Powerful Earthquake with Different Epicenter Rocks Greece

2021-03-05 In Iraq Pope Francis Calls for End to Violence and Extremism

2021-03-05 Press briefing on plenary session on Monday, 8 March, at 15.30

2021-03-05 Bulgaria Lunches e-Registration System for Covid Vaccination

2021-03-05 US Senators: Corruption Sours Our Relations with Bulgaria

2021-03-05 Coming up: Women’s Day, future of EU, investment and health

2021-03-05 North Macedonia's Foreign Minister says Bulgarians could be mentioned in Macedonian Constitution

2021-03-05 Hospitals in Bulgaria suspend planned admissions due to third wave of pandemic

2021-03-05 Bulgaria is among EU countries with highest share of women in management positions

2021-03-05 European Parliament to sue the European Commission over US visas

2021-03-05 UK Ambassador to Bulgaria: British Tourists Will Enjoy Bulgarian Sunny Resorts Again

2021-03-05 Bulgarian National Television Now Available in Northern Macedonia

2021-03-05 Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Number of Newly Infected Grows – 2,198, Fatalities - 93

2021-03-04 EP leaders approve Conference on the Future of Europe’s founding declaration

2021-03-04 IWD 2021: The gender dimension must be included in the COVID-19 recovery plans

2021-03-04 Delay is over: Work begins to shine spotlight on where companies pay their taxes

2021-03-04 InvestEU: EU programme to encourage investment

2021-03-04 March 4: World Obesity Day: Well Over Half Bulgarians Are Overweight

2021-03-04 Eurostat: January Retail Sales in Euro Zone Shrink, Bulgaria Boasts Growth

2021-03-04 Circular economy: definition, importance and benefits

2021-03-04 E-waste in the EU: facts and figures (infographic)

2021-03-04 The impact of textile production and waste on the environment (infographic)

2021-03-04 Waste management in the EU: infographic with facts and figures

2021-03-04 Germany Extends Lockdown Till 28 March, Eases Restrictions Stepwise

2021-03-04 Niagara Falls Illuminated in Colors of Bulgarian Tricolor to Mark Country’s National Liberation Day

2021-03-04 Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 1,154 Newly Infected, 22 Fatalities

2021-03-03 Timeline: milestones in the EU's fight for women's rights

2021-03-03 First meeting of the Frontex Scrutiny Group with Leggeri and Johansson

2021-03-03 Three Bulgarians detained in operation against drug trafficking near South Africa

2021-03-03 USA and EU greet Bulgaria on occasion of its National Day

2021-03-03 Covid-19 and Loan Moratorium in Bulgaria: Don’t Pay off Your Loans with New Ones

2021-03-03 Strong Earthquake Rocks Central Greece

2021-03-03 Anonymous Artist NoName with a Work for March 3, Liberation Day of Bulgaria

2021-03-03 US President Vows: By June Each American Will Be Vaccinated

2021-03-03 Covid-19 in Bulgaria: Virus on Offensive Again – 2,403 Newly Infected in 24 Hours

2021-03-03 Bulgaria Celebrates National Liberation Day - 143 Years

2021-03-02 WHO Warns: By 2050 A Quarter of World Population Will Have Impaired Hearing

2021-03-02 Bulgaria: EU Laggard in Healthcare with Lowest Life Expectancy and Highest Surcharge for Medicines

2021-03-02 European Citizen’s Prize 2021: apply now

2021-03-02 International Women’s Day 2021: Women leading the fight against COVID-19

2021-03-02 Thousands of EU Citizens May Lose Long-Term Stay Status in UK

2021-03-02 Bulgaria’s Tourism Sector Workers Stage Protest in Sofia

2021-03-02 WHO: Number of New Coronavirus Infections Globally Rose for First Time in Seven Weeks

2021-03-02 Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 2,588 Newly Infected, 117 Fatalities

2021-03-01 EU Ambassadors Agree on Sanctions against Russia over Navalny Imprisonment

2021-03-01 European Commission to Propose Digital EU-wide Vaccine Passports

2021-03-01 Understanding Covid-19's impact on women (infographics)

2021-03-01 Police Warns: Romanian Pickpockets Gangs Operate in Bulgaria

2021-03-01 Covid-19 in Bulgaria: 332 Newly Infected, Test Positivity Rate 13 Percent

2021-03-01 Migration situation on the Canary Islands: committee debate


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