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Last news

2019-06-18 US Embassy in Sofia Delivers Offer for Acquisition of Eight F-16 Jet Fighters

2019-06-17 Bulgaria Joins NATO Cooperative Cyber Defence Centre of Excellence

2019-06-17 Georgian Parliament Speaker is on an Official Visit to Bulgaria

2019-06-17 Can Bulgaria Build on Its Sunny Beach Success With British Holidaymakers?

2019-06-17 Greece Will Ask the EU to Impose Sanctions on Turkey

2019-06-17 Bulgarian Foreign Minister Will Participate in the Council for Foreign Affairs and the General Affairs Council in Luxembourg

2019-06-17 UN Supports Oceanix’s Design for an Innovative Floating City

2019-06-16 Bulgarian Parliament Adopted Changes to the Black Sea Coast Planning Act

2019-06-16 Macron: The EU Sides with Cyprus in the Dispute with Turkey

2019-06-16 The Bulgarian Ministry of Tourism and the CPC with Large Scale Inspections at Sea Resorts

2019-06-15 Decho Dechev, Manager of NHIF: The Cashiers' Gaps Are Well Known

2019-06-15 Bulgarian Volleyball Nationals had Perfect Start at the Nations League Games in Varna

2019-06-15 Preserved Head of a 40,000-year-old Wolf was Discovered in Siberia

2019-06-15 Foreign Minister: We will Establish Regular Contact between the Diplomats of Bulgaria and UAE

2019-06-15 There are Only Nine Camping Parks in Bulgaria According to Eurostat

2019-06-15 New Contamination after Oil Spill! This Time near Burgas

2019-06-14 PM Borissov Held a Meeting with UAE's Foreign Minister Abdullah bin Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan

2019-06-14 Inflation For May is 0.1 per cent

2019-06-14 People in Gotse Delchev Protest because of the Suspended Access to Internet and TV

2019-06-14 Bulgaria is against the Division of Albania and the Republic of Northern Macedonia into the EU Accession Process

2019-06-13 4.1 Magnitude Earthquake In Greece

2019-06-13 Dubai Port Operator with Interest in Bulgarian Ports

2019-06-13 Bulgaria Returns to Turkey Valuable Artifacts

2019-06-13 PM Boyko Borissov Celebrates His 60th Birthday

2019-06-13 After the European Parliament elections - what happens next?

2019-06-13 Medical Specialists in Vidin Start Strike Action

2019-06-13 The Netherlands Has Blocked Negotiations with Albania For the EU

2019-06-13 Today, It Will Become Clear Whether Sofia Will be the Seat of the European Labor Authority

2019-06-12 Half of Bulgaria's Exports are for 6 Countries

2019-06-12 Turkish Garbage Collectors open a library made up entirely of abandoned books

2019-06-12 Hail The Size of an Orange Causes Serious Damage in Slovenia

2019-06-12 Bulgaria Among 13 Countries with a Declaration on Accelerated EU Integration of the Western Balkans

2019-06-12 The Deputies Are Voting The Reduction of the Party Subsidies to 1 Lev

2019-06-12 Ipsos Survey: Nearly 90% of the Internet Users are Falling For Fake News

2019-06-11 Hailstorms Destroyed Hundreds of Acres of Crops

2019-06-11 In April Bulgaria's Average Insured Income is BGN 991.12

2019-06-11 The Level of the Danube River is Dangerously High

2019-06-11 The Heavy Situation in Strelcha Continues

2019-06-11 MES Project: Full Change in Classrooms

2019-06-11 Almost 600 Plant Species Have Disappeared from the Wild over the Past 250 Years

2019-06-10 So Far, the EU Has Done Nothing to Save the 2015 Nuclear Agreement, Iran Said

2019-06-10 The Total Revenues from Nights Spent in Bulgaria in April 2019 reached 51.7 million BGN

2019-06-09 Plovdiv 2019 opened doors to traveling artists from Europe

2019-06-07 The Rules on which the National Assembly May Propose Candidates for a Electronic Media Council Member

2019-06-07 Industrial Production in April Decreased by 1.9%

2019-06-07 The Bulgarian Orthodox Church Celebrates the Memory of The Holy Martyrs Valeria

2019-06-07 Mother Reports Violence Against her Child in a Private Kindergarden

2019-06-06 Bulgaria's Loss of Goods' Counterfeiting is Over BGN 800 Million Per Year

2019-06-06 The EU Introduces More Secure Identity Documents

2019-06-06 Juncker Disagrees with the Dutch Claims to Bulgaria for Schengen


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