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US Company Gave Away $ 10 Million in Christmas Bonuses

13.12.2019 / 16:43

Christmas came early for Baltimore employees whose boss decided to give a total of 10 million in bonuses, the New York Post reported.

St. John Properties announced at its recent holiday party that it is giving away a total of $ 10 million in bonuses to its 198 employees - leaving employees with...

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The US Has Reached a Trade Deal "In Principle” with China

13.12.2019 / 15:02

President Donald Trump has signed off on an initial trade agreement with China that would avoid imminent US tariffs and reduce the rates of existing duties in exchange for a Chinese promise to purchase American farm goods. This was announced today by a source familiar with the negotiations between...

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Two Tonnes of Cocaine Seized in a Narco-Submarine in Peru

12.12.2019 / 14:50

Police officers in Peru have seized a submarine transporting 2 tonnes of cocaine, according to BGNES.

Four people were arrested aboard a self-made vessel.

The arrests were made in the waters off the city of Talara, not far from the border with Ecuador.

According to the United Nations Office on...

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NATO: Multinational Special Aviation Programme Training Centre Opens in Croatia

12.12.2019 / 13:24

Bulgaria, Croatia, Hungary, and Slovenia jointly opened the Multinational Special Aviation Programme at a ceremony in Zadar, Croatia on Wednesday (11 December 2019). The training centre is dedicated to training air crews responsible for transporting Special Operations Forces.

The opening was...

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NotreDame - The Most Commented Topic on Twitter this Year

11.12.2019 / 14:55

The Notre Dame fire in April is the most commented news on Twitter in 2019, according to a ranking posted by the social network.

The most discussed categories are the Top 10 Movies, TV Shows, Sports, Musicians, Politicians, Actors, and Athletes.

The Notre Dame fire in April is the top...

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A 4.6 Magnitude Earthquake Shook Turkey

Earthquacke in Turkey
11.12.2019 / 13:17

An 4.6 magnitude earthquake shook Istanbul at around 11:14 pm local time. The quake was short, but it was felt in the Asian part of the metropolis.

The quake was registered 40 km from Soma/Manisa.

Apart from Istanbul, the quake was felt in Izmir, Manisa and Bursa.

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Tens of Thousands Have Protested in the Czech Republic against Prime Minister Andrej Babis

11.12.2019 / 11:58

Tens of thousands of citizens took to the streets of the Czech capital last night to protest against Prime Minister Andrej Babis, BNR reported. According to the "Million Moments for Democracy " protest group, between 60,000 and 80,000 people gathered in the city centre, while police...

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Turkey Returns 11 Jihadists to France

Turkey flag
09.12.2019 / 16:04

Turkish authorities have deported 11 French jihadists to France as part of a campaign to repatriate terrorists from the Islamic State group, BTA reported.

After they arrive in France, the deportees are expected to be brought to justice in cases of involvement with a terrorist organization.


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Volcano Erupts in New Zealand, Tourists are Missing

09.12.2019 / 11:26

Hundreds of tourists were near New Zealand's island when a volcano erupted there, the Associated Press reported, citing country's Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern. Some people have been injured and others are still missing.

The volcano began erupting at 2.30pm local time on Monday. White Island is...

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Police Took Down a Drug Trafficking Network in Europe, 11 Arrested

06.12.2019 / 22:01

Police in several European countries have arrested 11 Dutch people and seized a significant amount of drugs after a year-long investigation into a criminal organization operating across Europe, France Press reported.

"The national authorities of Germany, Denmark, Spain, Italy, the...

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