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More Than 10,000 Arrested Protesters in America

05.06.2020 / 10:11

More than 10,000 people have been arrested in protests decrying racism and police brutality in the wake of George Floyd's death, according to an Associated Press tally of known arrests across the U.S

The count has grown by the hundreds each day as protesters spilled into the streets and...

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An Earthquake of Magnitude 6.8 Struck Off Chile’s Coast

Chile flag
04.06.2020 / 09:22

An earthquake of magnitude 6.8 struck off Chile’s coast on Thursday, the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) said, but local authorities said there was no immediate report of any damage.

The earthquake, initially reported as a magnitude 6.5, was centered 87 miles (140 km) southwest of the coastal city...

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Mass Killing of Elephants in Ethiopia

03.06.2020 / 11:49

Poachers have killed at least six elephants in a single day in Ethiopia, wildlife officials said on Tuesday, the largest such slaughter in memory in the east African nation.

The elephants died last week, when they ventured out of the Mago National Park in the far south of Ethiopia to drink water,...

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Trump Threatens to Deploy the US MiIitary if "Violent Protests" Continue

03.06.2020 / 11:42

US President Donald Trump on Monday threatened to deploy the military if states failed to quickly quell the violent protests that have gripped the nation for six days, hours after the brother of George Floyd, a black man who died in police custody, called for peace.

In his first remarks from the...

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Summer in Greece: No Team Sports on the Beach, Packaged Food from Restaurants

02.06.2020 / 21:24

The ban on sounding music and customers staying in bars on the Greek sea remains in force.

This became clear from the new regulation, which determines the rules for the stay of tourists. The restaurants themselves will work and offer drinks, Greek media reported.

Food served on the beach must be...

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WHO: Be Careful, This is Still a Killer Virus, after Claim by Italian Doctor

Medicine mask
02.06.2020 / 14:50

The World Health Organization stressed Monday that the new coronavirus has not suddenly become less pathogenic, following claims by a leading Italian doctor that COVID-19 had lost some of its potency.

"That is not the case at all," WHO emergencies director Michael Ryan told a virtual...

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The Notre-Dame Cathedral Can be Seen for the First Time Since Last Year

The Notre-Dame Cathedral
02.06.2020 / 10:47

Paris officials on Sunday removed the tall metal barriers surrounding the square in front of Notre-Dame cathedral, offering visitors a close-up look at the gothic monument for the first time since the devastating fire that struck last year.

"It's almost a form of rebirth today," Paris...

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South Korea: Many Schools Close Again After Reopening

30.05.2020 / 11:22

Seoul (CNN) - More than 500 schools closed again Friday to students after briefly reopening, as South Korea moves to stamp out a resurgence of the coronavirus in the capital, Seoul, and its surrounding metropolitan area.

Parks, art galleries, museums and theaters operated by the government in the...

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The Arrest of CNN-Reporters is Strictly Against the Law

30.05.2020 / 10:33

When a journalist is arrested at a protest, the free and fair gathering of the news is arrested, too.

That's one of the reasons why these infringements on press freedom are relatively rare in the United States -- and why Friday's brief arrest of a CNN crew in Minneapolis was so egregious.


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Turkey Declared 20 km Border near Bulgaria for a Prohibited Military Zone

28.05.2020 / 15:26

An area of ​​20 square kilometers in the Thracian region of Turkey near the border with Bulgaria has been declared a prohibited military zone of the 2nd degree, BTA reported.

The statement, published in the Turkish State Gazette, said the military zone was located on the Black Sea coast in...

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