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Bulgaria Big On Bitcoin As Reserves Could Exceed Its Gold Stash

23.07.2019 / 11:07

There is a growing trend across the world for nations to stock up on reserves of assets as a hedge against fiat and influences beyond their control. Gold is the standard but Bitcoin is rapidly catching up and one nation now has reportedly more BTC than their gold reserves. As further investigation...

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More than 90% of The Mountain Rescue Service's Rescuers Are Volunteers

Mountain Rescuers
22.07.2019 / 22:08

The Mountain Rescue Service (MRS) has over 500 rescuers, over 90% of whom are volunteers, the head of the MRS Training Centre, Koko Dimov, told Focus Radio.

In his words, every full-time rescuer has started as a volunteer. The training courses are divided into winter and summer ones, lasting for...

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69% of Bulgarians Approve the Reduction of Party Subsidies from BGN 11 to BGN 1 Per Vote

22.07.2019 / 14:32

69% of Bulgarians approve the reduction of party subsidies from BGN 11 to BGN 1 per vote.

This shows the data from a representative Trend study made on a “24 Hours” order, in the period 9-16 July.

For state subsidy, the highest percentage collects the option of BGN 1 (42%) and 25% believe...

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Economic Losses From Bad Weather in Europe in June Will Cost $ 2 billion

Meteorological anomalies and related consequences from European countries in June this year have caused economic damages totaling $ 2 billion
22.07.2019 / 11:27

Meteorological anomalies and related consequences from European countries in June this year have caused economic damages totaling $ 2 billion, according to data from the international leading company in risk management and consulting in the field of insurance and reinsurance Aon, quoted by...

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Vivacom Filed a Complaint Against Apple in Bulgaria's Commission for the Protection of Competition

21.07.2019 / 10:23

Vivacom, the largest Bulgarian revenue telecom, filed a complaint against the US giant Apple in the Bulgarian Commission for the Protection of Competition (CPC), a notice posted on the regulator's website. The complaint of the home company is related to the iPhone's best-selling product of the US...

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Plovdiv Entreprenuer Plans a 90-meter Skyscraper in Sofia

21.07.2019 / 10:13

A Plovdiv investor is planning to raise a new skyscraper near the tallest building in Bulgaria - Capital Fort, located on the Tsarigradsko shosse boulevard in Sofia. The entrepreneur, Dr. Malek Nasser, who has lived in Bulgaria since the 1980s, is preparing to invest in a new 90-meter building on...

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A New Study on the Dual Standard of Food Begins

18.07.2019 / 10:49

The state is launching a new study on a dual standard in food and alcohol on our and European markets.

The last large-scale inspection commissioned by the European Commission found a different composition in only 9% of the 1400 analyzed foods purchased by 19 countries. The open discrepancies are...

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How to Extend Your Business on Other Markets

17.07.2019 / 16:37

Businessmen can expand their companies on foreign markets through several options. For instance, they may register one of the legal entities that are available on those markets; however, they may also opt to incorporate a branch office or a subsidiary, which are two types of business structures...

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Deflation of 0.6% for June

15.07.2019 / 14:46

Inflation for June in comparison with May is minus 0.6%, the National Statistical Institute reported.

Inflation from the beginning of the year (June 2019 versus December 2018) was 1.2% and the annual inflation in June 2019 compared to June 2018 was 2.8%.

The average annual inflation for the...

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Google Аdmits Listening to Customer Conversations through Google Assistant

15.07.2019 / 10:18

US company Google has acknowledged that its subcontractors can listen to recordings of what people are saying, using the artificial intelligence system Google Assistant.

The company admitted that people can get access to these records after some of them in Dutch spilled into the public space....

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