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Farmers to discuss strategy for revival of traditional Bulgarian production

A plant
04.02.2023 / 18:11

Fruit and vegetable growers are gathering in Plovdiv today for a national meeting. The event is organised by the Fruit and Vegetable Chamber and the National Association of Potato Growers. They will be discussing a "Long-term strategy for the revival of traditional Bulgarian...

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Energy poverty to be included in legislation, unions insist

04.02.2023 / 17:36

Trade unions are demanding a fair definition of energy poverty to be enshrined in legislation. According to the president of the Confederation of Labour Podkrepa Dimitar Manolov, energy poor are not only those who cannot pay their electricity bills."The concept includes more than just not...

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Moody's confirmed the Credit Rating of Bulgaria and Predicts Postponement of the Euro

Euro money
04.02.2023 / 16:17

Moody's confirmed Bulgaria's long-term rating in foreign and local currency Baa1 with a stable outlook, reports the Ministry of Finance.According to Moody's, Bulgaria can still meet its goal of adopting the euro from 2024, but the main scenario for the country assumes that this process will...

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According to Deputy PM, it is Still Realistic for Bulgaria to Adopt the Euro in 2024

Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov
28.01.2023 / 18:14

“Bulgaria can request an extraordinary report on its readiness to enter the Eurozone in March or April, but for this it must have met the inflation criteria and passed three laws.” Deputy Prime Minister Atanas Pekanov announced this to Nova TV.He added that he appealed to the deputies to...

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Bulgaria: An Expert Cabinet is almost Certain after the Elections

Desislava Atanasova (GERB)
22.01.2023 / 18:11

After the upcoming early parliamentary elections, the fifth in the last two years, GERB and BSP will not enter into a coalition... officially. The two formations would shake hands for an expert cabinet."We can never talk about a coalition, GERB will not betray itself, but we can talk about a...

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30 Days in Detention for the Attacker of Bulgarian Hristiyan Pendikov in North Macedonia

22.01.2023 / 14:11

Iliya Spaseski from Ohrid, who beat up Hristiyan Pendikov, was given a 30-day detention. This was confirmed for BNT by the chairman of the "Macedonia" foundation, Viktor Stoyanov.The decision was taken by the court in Ohrid at the request of a competent prosecutor, who submitted a...

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Demonstration in Sofia against Putin regime and political repressions in Russia

21.01.2023 / 18:34

A demonstration took place in front of the Russian cultural information centre in Sofia in support of the political prisoners in Russia.The protesters called for the release of opposition leader Alexei Navalny. The protest was organized by Russians living in Bulgaria who condemn the regime of...

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New Variant of the Coronavirus has been Registered in Bulgaria

Covid laboratory
20.01.2023 / 20:31

In Bulgaria, the XBB.1.5 variant of COVID-19 was detected for the first time. This was announced by the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases and specified that the case was registered in Sofia.It is explained that this variant is being watched with caution by the World Health...

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The State Sent a Plane to transport the Bulgarian Beaten in North Macedonia for treatment in Bulgaria

20.01.2023 / 20:12

The government plane "Falcon" with a team from the Military Academy on board will transport Hristiyan Pendikov, who was attacked in Ohrid, to Bulgaria, announced the press service of the Council of Ministers.By order of acting Prime Minister Galab Donev, the transportation to Bulgaria...

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BSP returns the Third Mandate to Form a Government on Monday - Bulgarians are Going to Elections

20.01.2023 / 20:01

The Parliamentary Group of the Bulgarian Socialist Party gave a statement in parliament. "We brought out the most important priorities for Bulgaria and the Bulgarian people, which exist in the programs of all parties. We were looking for solutions to get out of the political crisis. We invited...

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