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A Picture of Banksy Was Sold For a Record Amount of Money

Chimpanzee Parliament
04.10.2019 / 10:55

A painting called ‘Devolved Parliament’ by anonymous artist Banksy was sold for a record $ 12 million.

She portrays the British Parliament with chimpanzees instead of politicians. The painting was auctioned after a 13-minute bid between 10 buyer candidates and improved the record for the most...

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A Football-Sized Asteroid Is Approaching the Earth

28.09.2019 / 18:35

A football-sized asteroid is approaching the Earth. Scientists claim that this is the largest celestial body that has come so close to our planet since centuries.

"I tracked the orbit of the asteroid. It is not dangerous. We have discovered 150 asteroids over the last 3 years", said...

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Advertising Done Right - The Chocolate that Has Taken Over the Internet

Four-bar chocolate
03.09.2019 / 15:22

On the occasion of Indian Independence Day, Cadbury Confectionery launched 4-color chocolate bar. The idea is from her Ogilvy India service agency and has generated a variety of reactions online.

The limited edition of dark, blended, milk and white chocolate in one wrap is a symbol of the racial...

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Interesting Objects to Brighten Up Your Home Decor

Home interior
26.08.2019 / 16:56

The world we live in is becoming ever more complex, and some would say increasingly divisive, so sometimes, it's nice to come home, relax, and forget about the stresses of the modern world. That's why it's important to have a home you love, one that really feels like home and has your personality...

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NASA is Investigating the First Crime Committed in Space

25.08.2019 / 18:55

NASA is investigating an incident that could turn out to be the first crime committed in space - the illegal entry into a foreign bank account from an International Space Station aboard.

American astronaut Ann McLain admits that while on the flight, she entered the bank account of her same-sex...

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Bulgaria is Under Number 13 Wine Destination in the World

23.08.2019 / 13:52

Bulgaria is ranked as the 13th best wine destination in the world by the British website by its Wine Travel Index.

Our country is ahead of Greece (# 14) and even Australia (# 15). New Zealand, which is also a popular wine region, remains only 18th.

But before us are countries like...

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Bulgaria to Decide Eurovision 2020 Participation in September

10.08.2019 / 16:50

They shocked the Eurovision world when they withdrew last year. The Bulgarian broadcaster BNT has issued a statement on the progress on their decision on whether to return to the contest in 2020. The contest is expected to take place in either Rotterdam or Maastricht in the Netherlands after their...

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Belgian Woman Survived Six Days in a Crushed Car after a Road Incident

04.08.2019 / 10:34

The Belgian survived six days in her crushed car after it turned over and no one found her.

The woman spent the hottest period in Belgium's history in the crushed vehicle by the side of a road crammed in the metal debris, according to the Guardian.

The temperature reached 40 degrees, but at one...

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Fines and Prohibitions: What to Watch out for on the Beach!

23.06.2019 / 13:43

Sweaty and almost naked - just in swimsuits - dune and park tourists annoy local residents of the resorts. Last year, in Gelendzhik, Russia, they created a computer game called "Golopuziki", where everyone can scam a naked tourist. Judging by the number of entries, over 70,000 virtual...

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UN Supports Oceanix’s Design for an Innovative Floating City

Underwater city
17.06.2019 / 11:16

At a special UN event dedicated to the threat which seaside settlements are facing due to the constantly rising altitude, the idea of ​​building a floating city was presented.

The event presented how fully independent settlements on the water can produce their own food, energy, fresh water...

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