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Contraceptive Pill That Needs to be Taken Only Once a Month is on the Way

05.12.2019 / 13:13

Pharmaceutical scientists are developing a pill that is taken by women once a month and is capable of preventing pregnancy, the BBC reports.

Once taken, the pill stays in the woman's stomach for a week, slowly releasing pregnancy-preventing hormones. This means that it would be much more effective...

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1 in 4 Children Are Addicted to their Smartphones

Child, smartphone
02.12.2019 / 14:36

One-quarter of children are permanently addicted to their mobile devices and experience discomfort and anxiety when they are nearby, the Daily Mail reported.

Researchers at King's College London examined the use of modern technology and behavioural addiction to smartphones by children. Scientists...

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BMW Builds a Plant for Electric Cars in China

BMW cars
29.11.2019 / 10:52

Luxury German carmaker BMW on Friday said it would build fully electric models of its Mini cars at a new plant in China, as it kicked off a joint venture with Chinese partner Great Wall Motor.

About 160,000 vehicles are are set to roll off the assembly line at the planned factory in the city of...

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Revolution in Technology: Device Detects 13 Types of Cancer from a Single Drop of Blood

Blood, research
25.11.2019 / 22:18

Japan's Toshiba Corporation has developed technology to detect 13 types of cancer from a single drop of blood with 99 percent accuracy, the company announced Monday, TASS reported.

The method is designed to examine the types and concentration of microRNA molecules secreted in blood from cancer...

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Victoria Georgieva Will Represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020

25.11.2019 / 14:04

VICTORIA will represent Bulgaria at the Eurovision Song Contest 2020 in Rotterdam. The artist was announced at a press conference in Sofia, organized by the Bulgarian public broadcaster Bulgarian National Television (BNT) and her producers from Ligna Studios.

VICTORIA’s distinctive voice and...

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Nine-Year-Old Laurent Simons Who Has an IQ of 145 Graduated from University

Nine-year-old Laurent Simons of Belgium
20.11.2019 / 18:49

Nine-year-old Laurent Simons of Belgium has an IQ of 145 and will become the world's youngest undergraduate student, Daily Mail reports. The boy is due to graduate next month at Eindhoven University of Technology in the Netherlands. with a major in Electrical Engineering, having completed the...

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A Smart City Will Power Itself with Electricity and Water

Smart City
02.11.2019 / 14:25

Italian architect Stefano Boeri publicly presented his project for an area not far from the Mexican resort of Cancun. According to many, the idea can become a model for eco-urbanism. It was submitted to the local government in Cancun in March this year and is now pending approval, Channel 3...

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A Picture of Banksy Was Sold For a Record Amount of Money

Chimpanzee Parliament
04.10.2019 / 10:55

A painting called ‘Devolved Parliament’ by anonymous artist Banksy was sold for a record $ 12 million.

She portrays the British Parliament with chimpanzees instead of politicians. The painting was auctioned after a 13-minute bid between 10 buyer candidates and improved the record for the most...

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A Football-Sized Asteroid Is Approaching the Earth

28.09.2019 / 18:35

A football-sized asteroid is approaching the Earth. Scientists claim that this is the largest celestial body that has come so close to our planet since centuries.

"I tracked the orbit of the asteroid. It is not dangerous. We have discovered 150 asteroids over the last 3 years", said...

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Advertising Done Right - The Chocolate that Has Taken Over the Internet

Four-bar chocolate
03.09.2019 / 15:22

On the occasion of Indian Independence Day, Cadbury Confectionery launched 4-color chocolate bar. The idea is from her Ogilvy India service agency and has generated a variety of reactions online.

The limited edition of dark, blended, milk and white chocolate in one wrap is a symbol of the racial...

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