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Greece Will Ask the EU to Impose Sanctions on Turkey

Flag of the European Union
17.06.2019 / 11:55

The reason - there is information that Turkey is doing drilling for natural gas exploration near Cyprus, reported NOVA TV.

Greece will ask the European Union to impose sanctions on Turkey. Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras said he has coordinated his actions with another member of the EU, Cyprus, and...

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Macron: The EU Sides with Cyprus in the Dispute with Turkey

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16.06.2019 / 13:49

French President Emmanuel Macron called on Turkey to stop the illegal activities in the exclusive economic zone of Cyprus, France 24 reported.

Macron said the EU would not give up its position. Europe has already called on Turkey to withdraw its ships for natural gas drilling in the region.


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There are Only Nine Camping Parks in Bulgaria According to Eurostat

15.06.2019 / 15:26

Decrease of two registered places for camping in Bulgaria, and in 2017 they were only nine, as opposed to 2016 when there were 11 registered places for tents, caravans, campers and more. Even if not all of the places where camping can be regulated in Bulgaria are registered, under no circumstances...

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Bulgaria is against the Division of Albania and the Republic of Northern Macedonia into the EU Accession Process

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14.06.2019 / 13:21

The Bulgarian position is against the division of Albania and the Republic of Northern Macedonia into the EU accession process. This is what the chairman of the external commission in the National Assembly, Gemma Grozdanova, commented at the forum "Strengthening the Capacity and Deepening...

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After the European Parliament elections - what happens next?

European parliament
13.06.2019 / 13:30

Over 200 million Europeans voted in the 23-26 May elections, resulting in turnout increasing from 42,61% in 2014 to 51% in 2019. The new legislature will start on 2 July.

Before the first plenary sitting in July, political groups hold their constitutive meetings. A political group must consist of...

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The Netherlands Has Blocked Negotiations with Albania For the EU

Flag of the European Union
13.06.2019 / 11:12

The Dutch parliament opposed the start of negotiations with Albania last night but rejected the same resolution that concerns Northern Macedonia.

Dutch Parliament voted four resolutions on EU enlargement yesterday but only Albania has won a majority of votes, including the ruling, with 105 votes...

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Today, It Will Become Clear Whether Sofia Will be the Seat of the European Labor Authority

13.06.2019 / 11:05

It is expected today that the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg will decide in which of the four EU capitals the European Labor Office will be located.

Sofia, Nicosia, Riga and Bratislava are the four European capitals that are fighting for its...

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Bulgaria Among 13 Countries with a Declaration on Accelerated EU Integration of the Western Balkans

European parliament
12.06.2019 / 13:26

Bulgarian Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs Ekaterina Zaharieva, together with the ministers of 12 other EU member states, urged acceleration of the European integration of the Western Balkans, the press center of the MFA announced.

The thirteen ministers of Bulgaria, the Czech...

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So Far, the EU Has Done Nothing to Save the 2015 Nuclear Agreement, Iran Said

10.06.2019 / 14:03

So far, the EU has done nothing to save the 2015 nuclear agreement, Iran said, according to BTA.

Iran criticized the European countries signing the 2015 nuclear agreement that they are not trying to rescue the deal after President Donald Trump last year pulled the US out of it and resumed...

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The EU Introduces More Secure Identity Documents

06.06.2019 / 14:53

The Council of the Eropean Union has announced that it has adopted new rules against the misuse of identity papers. It introduces better security for EU citizens' ID cards and residence permits issued to foreigners.

The rules provide for minimum standards for the data contained in the documents...

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