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2024-02-20 Trade MEPs travel to top WTO meeting this week

2024-02-20 Carbon removals: deal with Council on new EU certification scheme

2024-02-15 Close gap between constitutional rules and effective Human Rights implementation

2024-02-14 Textiles and food waste reduction: New EU rules to support circular economy

2024-02-14 Vote on payment services: Better access to cash and protection against fraud and hidden charges

2024-02-14 Transport Committee pushes for “greener” trucks and buses

2024-02-13 MEPs approved new rules ensuring supply of patented products in times of crisis

2024-02-13 Artificial Intelligence Act: committees confirm landmark agreement

2024-02-13 AGRI Committee adopts changes to the Plant Health Law

2024-02-13 MEPs back stricter rules to ensure children’s toys are safe

2024-02-13 Syria: a forgotten conflict, despite large scale deaths, disappearances and displacement

2024-02-08 Police co-operation: MEPs adopt law on more efficient data exchanges

2024-02-08 Women’s rights: address poverty and boost access to decision-making

2024-02-08 MEPs call for urgent and substantive reform of the WTO

2024-02-07 Deal to make the EU an attractive clearing hub while addressing sectoral risks

2024-02-07 Deal on a revised Schengen Borders Code to boost free movement

2024-02-07 Deal on plans to boost Europe’s Net-Zero technology production

2024-02-07 First ever EU rules on combating violence against women: deal reached

2024-02-07 Cross-border cooperation: MEPs quizzed the Council about the new mechanism

2024-02-07 Deal on mid-term revision of EU’s long-term budget

2024-02-06 European Parliament wants to end impunity of reckless driving

2024-02-06 Support to Ukraine, response to farmer’s concerns: MEPs review latest EU summits

2024-02-06 Gigabit Infrastructure Act: deal with Council on faster rollout of gigabit-capable connectivity

2024-02-06 New rules agreed on Environmental, Social and Governance ratings

2024-02-01 EP President Metsola at EUCO: We owed the Ukraine deal to the people of Ukraine

2024-02-01 Child sexual abuse online: MEPs endorse one-off extension of current rules

2024-02-01 Anti-corruption: MEPs to push for stricter EU-wide measures and penalties


2024-01-29 Deal on more efficient treatment and reuse of urban wastewater

2024-01-25 Holocaust Remembrance Day: “Hitler did not win!”

2024-01-24 New Genomic Techniques: MEPs want to ban all patents for NGT plants

2024-01-24 Internal Market MEPs endorse agreement on transparency of political advertising

2024-01-24 MEPs approve extended protection for medicinal and plant protection products

2024-01-24 Culture and Education committee confirms the deal on the EU Media Freedom Act

2024-01-24 MEPs approve EIB's 2023 financial activities, concerns on transparency and governance

2024-01-24 MEPs endorse clearer rules for transferring criminal proceedings

2024-01-24 MEPs warn that European values are being eroded across the EU

2024-01-24 Trafficking in human beings: deal on new EU rules

2024-01-23 Trade Committee Chair on economic security: We need effectiveness and restraint

2024-01-23 Release of frozen EU funds to Hungary: MEPs to debate next steps with Commission

2024-01-23 MEPs welcome new mechanism removing cross-border obstacles

2024-01-23 EU enlargement and reform: MEPs call for bold decisions

2024-01-23 Agreement on harmonised EU rules for digital labels for fertilisers

2024-01-19 Energy poverty has a female face: impact of cost of living crisis

2024-01-19 The Hungarian government threatens EU values, institutions, and funds, MEPs say

2024-01-19 Time to criminalise hate speech and hate crime under EU law

2024-01-18 Virtual worlds: ensuring EU leadership and consistently applying existing rules

2024-01-18 MEPs put forward measures to strengthen the link between citizens and the EU

2024-01-18 Fundamental rights report finds threats to key freedoms, equality and dignity

2024-01-18 Deal on new rules to reduce CO2 emissions from trucks and buses

2024-01-18 MEPs warn of China’s meddling in European critical infrastructure

2024-01-18 Parliament concerned about the rule of law in Slovakia

2024-01-18 Thiacloprid: Parliament objects to maximum residue levels of banned insecticide

2024-01-18 Deal on a single rulebook against money laundering and terrorist financing

2024-01-18 MEPs adopt new law banning greenwashing and misleading product information

2024-01-17 Ombudsman’s work in 2022: access to documents, conflicts of interest and other areas

2024-01-17 Music streaming sector: EU must ensure just pay for artists and fair algorithms

2024-01-17 Евродепутатите обсъждат срещите на върха на ЕС и ситуацията в Унгария

2024-01-17 Parliament ready for talks on an EU-wide Disability Card

2024-01-16 Reducing emissions from fluorinated gases and ozone-depleting substances

2024-01-16 Jan-Christoph Oetjen elected Parliament Vice-President

2024-01-16 Belgium’s Council Presidency: MEPs debate with Prime Minister De Croo

2024-01-15 Metsola in Lithuania: Freedom Prize awarded to the European Parliament

2024-01-12 The Week Ahead 15 – 21 January 2024

2024-01-11 An EU Disability Card to support persons with disabilities’ right to free movement

2023-12-18 Deal on the EU Media Freedom Act

2023-12-15 Deal on higher safety and quality standards for substances of human origin

2023-12-15 MEPs call for urgent action on EU’s long-term budget amid Council impasse

2023-12-14 Recognition of parenthood: MEPs want children to have equal rights

2023-12-14 Legislators strike deal on updating the EU’s rules regulating the insurance sector

2023-12-14 Speech of Roberta Metsola, President of the European Parliament at the EU-Western Balkans Summit

2023-12-14 Rape must be included in EU rules to combat violence against women

2023-12-14 Parliament and Council agree on new rules to regulate the construction products sector

2023-12-13 MEPs call for EU strategy to combat non-communicable diseases

2023-12-13 MEPs: Open accession talks with Ukraine, Moldova and Bosnia and Herzegovina

2023-12-13 EU sanctions: deal on rules to crack down on violations

2023-12-13 Platform work: deal on new rules on employment status

2023-12-12 MEPs call for a long-term European strategy on mental health

2023-12-12 'Breakfast directives': MEPs want clearer labelling of honey, fruit juice, jam

2023-12-12 North Macedonia: Common strategic goal, no matter who wins elections on 8 May

2023-12-12 MEPs warn about legal challenges of the virtual worlds

2023-12-12 Economic governance reform: improving credibility, ownership and scope for investment

2023-12-11 Green Deal: agreement on reform of EU gas and hydrogen market governance

2023-12-11 Artificial Intelligence Act: deal on comprehensive rules for trustworthy AI

2023-12-08 EP leaders engage in a reform for a more modern and efficient Parliament

2023-12-08 Energy efficiency of buildings: MEPs strike deal with Council

2023-12-08 Update of EU driving licence rules to improve road safety

2023-12-07 Cybersecurity: MEPs back plans to increase cooperation against threats

2023-12-07 Deal on updated Court of Justice statute

2023-12-07 Parliament’s Rapporteur on Türkiye visits Osman Kavala in prison

2023-12-06 Chemicals: deal on improving classification and information

2023-12-06 Deal on updated rules on EU design

2023-12-06 Survey shows Europeans value EU membership and interested in European elections

2023-12-05 MEPs adopt significant changes to draft rules on Environmental, Social and Governance ratings

2023-12-05 Deal on new EU rules to make sustainable products the norm

2023-12-01 Violation of EU sanctions: statement by Parliament’s negotiating team

2023-12-01 Cyber Resilience Act: agreement with Council to boost digital products’ security

2023-11-30 Road safety: ending impunity for non-resident drivers

2023-11-30 Pollution: deal with Council to reduce industrial emissions

2023-11-29 MEPs expect the EU to play a bigger role in global conflict prevention

2023-11-29 Russia’s weakened influence is an opportunity to expand ties with Central Asia

2023-11-29 "Breakfast directives": MEPs want accurate labelling of honey, fruit juice and jam

2023-11-29 Music streaming platforms: MEPs ask to protect EU authors and diversity

2023-11-29 MEPs back new rules on better information sharing about companies in the EU

2023-11-29 MEPs endorse updated Advance Passenger Information laws

2023-11-29 Personal health data: better portability and safe sharing

2023-11-28 Common Foreign and Security Policy: EU should develop robust strategic alliances

2023-11-28 Deal reached on gas market reform to address energy security and climate change

2023-11-28 MEPs assess the volatile security situation in Europe and beyond

2023-11-28 MEPs propose changes to the European Hydrogen Bank

2023-11-28 Virtual worlds: the next digital transition must align with EU values

2023-11-28 Statement of the Conference of Presidents on support for Ukraine

2023-11-28 Mobile machinery circulating on public roads needs to meet road safety standards, MEPs agree

2023-11-28 MEPs quiz ECB President, focussing on inflation and climate change

2023-11-24 Parliament wants the EU to reinforce its space-based defence capabilities

2023-11-24 Digitalisation for a more efficient judicial cooperation in the EU

2023-11-23 Petitions in 2022: environmental themes, citizens’ rights and foreign affairs

2023-11-23 Parliament adopts revamped rules to reduce, reuse and recycle packaging

2023-11-23 Future of the EU: Parliament’s proposals to amend the Treaties

2023-11-22 MEPs adopt EU budget 2024: focus on research, youth and external challenges

2023-11-22 EU cybersecurity exercise: foster cooperation, secure free and fair EU elections

2023-11-22 MEPs back plans to boost Europe's Net-Zero technology production

2023-11-22 New EU rules encouraging consumers to repair devices over replacing them

2023-11-22 Carbon removals: Parliament wants EU certification scheme to boost uptake

2023-11-21 MEPs want to see the principle of primacy of the EU law written in the Treaties

2023-11-21 Status of the artist: better working conditions for artists and cultural workers

2023-11-21 COP28: MEPs want to end all subsidies for fossil fuel globally by 2025

2023-11-21 Parliament backs new rules to reduce air pollution from trucks and buses

2023-11-21 Deal on boosting EU police cooperation with more efficient data exchanges

2023-11-17 Newsletter - 20-23 November 2023 - Strasbourg plenary session

2023-11-17 Environmental crimes: deal on new offences and reinforced sanctions

2023-11-17 Protection of the energy market against manipulation: deal with Council

2023-11-17 Deal reached on stricter EU rules for waste shipments

2023-11-16 MEPs: EU external investment instrument must adapt to new geopolitical reality

2023-11-16 Deal on improving transparency in the short-term rental sector

2023-11-15 Fit for 55: Deal to boost methane emission reductions from the energy sector

2023-11-14 Child sexual abuse online: effective measures, no mass surveillance

2023-11-14 MEPs call on Council to designate hate speech, hate crime as crimes under EU law

2023-11-14 Fundamental rights in the EU in 2022-2023 remained under threat, MEPs say

2023-11-14 Critical raw materials: deal on securing the EU's supply and sovereignty

2023-11-10 EU Nature restoration law: MEPs strike deal to restore 20% of EU’s land and sea

2023-11-09 Parliament wants tougher enforcement of EU sanctions against Russia

2023-11-09 Euro 7: MEPs support new rules to cut down pollutant emissions

2023-11-09 MEPs clear way for new EU revenue, call on EU countries to swiftly follow suit

2023-11-09 Cate Blanchett urges MEPs to focus on humanity and to protect refugees

2023-11-09 EU-wide digital wallet: MEPs reach deal with Council

2023-11-08 Recognition of parenthood in the EU: no discrimination against children’s rights

2023-11-08 COP28: MEPs want all countries to strengthen their climate commitments

2023-11-08 Agreement reached on more accessible instant payments in euros

2023-11-08 Pollinators: MEPs call for increased action and funding to reverse decline

2023-11-08 MEPs call for a holistic and integrated EU strategy on non-communicable diseases

2023-11-07 MEPs to quiz Commissioner Várhelyi on the 2023 Enlargement package

2023-11-07 Protect children and their families in times of crisis

2023-11-07 Official Journal: MEPs agree with new rules on electronic publication

2023-11-07 MEPs agree on changes improving resolution framework for EU banks

2023-11-07 Integrate mental health in all policies to address growing challenges, MEPs urge

2023-11-07 Newsletter - 8-9 November 2023 - Brussels plenary session

2023-11-07 Fight against discrimination: new rules to boost national equality bodies

2023-11-07 Women's Rights and Gender Equality Committee: highlights of next meeting

2023-11-07 Political advertising: deal on new measures to crack down on abuse

2023-11-06 European Youth Hearing: young people will present their best ideas to MEPs

2023-11-03 MEPs back harmonising firearms import and export to fight trafficking

2023-11-03 Extractive industries: MEPs call for greater accountability, transparency, and local engagement

2023-11-03 MEPs support CO2 emissions reduction targets for trucks and buses

2023-11-03 MEPs back plans to boost Europe's Net-Zero technology production

2023-11-02 Tang after delegation to Washington: Not having a common framework leads to less tax certainty

2023-11-01 Reconstruction of Ukraine: MEPs want to ensure recovery of Ukraine's regions

2023-10-31 Speech of President Metsola at the University of Sorbonne, Paris

2023-10-27 MEPs travel to Ireland to investigate defective concrete blocks used in the construction of thousands of homes

2023-10-27 Metsola: “we have a duty to meet this moment”

2023-10-27 Spyware: MEPs take stock of developments in the member states

2023-10-26 European elections 2024: MEPs’ proposals for the lead candidate system

2023-10-26 MEPs call for a new proposal on more efficient EU administration

2023-10-25 Депутатите приемат препоръки относно използването на данъчната политика за справяне с настоящите трудности

2023-10-25 Protect jobs and workers’ rights in the just transition

2023-10-25 EU Treaties reform: MEPs submit proposals to strengthen EU capacity to act

2023-10-25 Right to repair: incentives for consumers to repair rather than replace

2023-10-25 Status of the artist: improve working conditions of artists and cultural workers

2023-10-25 Cohesion: need for a targeted support of automotive-dependent regions

2023-10-25 Extractive industries: MEPs call for greater accountability, transparency, and local engagement

2023-10-25 Petitions in 2022: environmental themes, citizens’ rights and foreign affairs

2023-10-24 Pesticides: MEPs want a drastic cut in use of chemical pesticides

2023-10-24 Carbon removals: MEPs want EU certification scheme to boost uptake

2023-10-24 Humanitarian aid: EU needs to urgently increase its aid budgets

2023-10-24 MEPs back harmonising firearms import and export to fight trafficking

2023-10-24 Talent in EU regions: MEPs require financial tools to address population loss

2023-10-24 MEPs support CO2 emissions reduction targets for trucks and buses

2023-10-24 Metsola: If we are not to stagnate, we cannot be afraid of change.

2023-10-24 “Elect her” – supporting women's political participation

2023-10-23 Parliamentarians, officials and experts delve deep into tax policy for tomorrow

2023-10-20 MEPs condemn Hamas attack on Israel and call for a humanitarian pause

2023-10-19 Trafficking in human beings: MEPs ready to negotiate new EU rules

2023-10-19 MEPs adopt digital visas to boost the security of the Schengen area

2023-10-18 President Metsola at the European Council: EU must remain coherent and united

2023-10-18 2023 EP journalism prize awarded to international consortium for investigation into June’s Pylos migrant boat shipwreck

2023-10-18 Armenian Prime Minister: “We must move steadily towards peace with Azerbaijan”

2023-10-18 A long-term solution for Ukraine’s funding needs

2023-10-17 A STEP towards supporting EU competitiveness and resilience in strategic sectors

2023-10-17 Opening: 16-19 October plenary session

2023-10-17 Towards an EU ban on products made with forced labour

2023-10-13 Newsletter - 16-19 October 2023 - Strasbourg plenary session

2023-10-12 Future of Cohesion: maintain long-term focus while assisting in emergencies

2023-10-12 2023 Sakharov Prize: finalists chosen

2023-10-11 President Metsola in solidarity with the victims of the terror attacks in Israel

2023-10-11 A STEP towards supporting EU competitiveness and resilience in strategic sectors

2023-10-11 Solemn moment tomorrow for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Israel

2023-10-10 Better protection for consumers against damages by defective products

2023-10-06 Parliament pushes for start of EU accession talks with Moldova

2023-10-06 EU must step up actions to protect kids on the internet

2023-10-05 Parliament calls for better reuse and treatment of urban wastewater

2023-10-05 Human trafficking: MEPs want strong focus on victims’ rights

2023-10-05 Deal reached on reducing fluorinated gas emissions in the EU

2023-10-05 MEPs want to tackle inconsistent rules for airline carry-on luggage

2023-10-05 Chemicals: Clearer classification and labelling to improve info to consumers

2023-10-04 Three countries to receive nearly €455 million in EU aid after natural disasters

2023-10-04 Boost the rights of people with autism through a common EU legal status, ask MEPs

2023-10-04 EU and Switzerland have to modernise their relations, say MEPs

2023-10-03 Media Freedom Act: MEPs tighten rules to protect journalists and media outlets

2023-10-03 Press conference on the revision of the EU's long-term budget with EP President Metsola and co-rapporteurs on Tue 3 October

2023-10-03 EU budget 2024: tackling next year's challenges with mid-term revision boost

2023-10-02 Green bonds: more transparency, no greenwashing

2023-09-29 Newsletter - 2-5 October 2023 - Strasbourg plenary session

2023-09-26 Deal on streamlining the European Medicines Agency’s fees system

2023-09-26 MEPs quiz ECB President focusing on interest rate hikes

2023-09-21 Sakharov Prize 2023: nine nominations announced

2023-09-20 EU to ban greenwashing and improve consumer information on product durability

2023-09-20 Free movement: Schengen reform to ensure border controls only as a last resort

2023-09-20 MEPs argue for a top up to multi-annual budget for crisis response

2023-09-20 Montenegro’s EU accession progress is losing momentum

2023-09-19 MEPs call for a strategy to increase protein production and EU independence

2023-09-19 Short-term rentals: increasing transparency and curbing illegal listings

2023-09-19 MEPs want to extend rules on relaxed tariffs for developing countries

2023-09-19 Remove barriers for young people to access farming, say agriculture MEPs

2023-09-18 MEPs to discuss women's reproductive health and rights

2023-09-18 The Week Ahead 18 – 24 September 2023

2023-09-15 Creating a more stable, affordable and sustainable electricity market

2023-09-15 Reduce demand and protect people in prostitution, say MEPs

2023-09-15 Critical raw materials: Securing the EU's supply and sovereignty

2023-09-14 70% of jet fuels at EU airports will have to be green by 2050

2023-09-14 Air pollution: MEPs want stricter limits to achieve zero pollution by 2050

2023-09-14 MEPs call on EU and Türkiye to look for alternative ways to cooperate

2023-09-14 Parliament strengthens rules on integrity, transparency and accountability

2023-09-13 SMEI: MEPs adopt their position on a new EU crisis management system

2023-09-13 2024 European elections: 15 additional seats divided between 12 countries

2023-09-13 State of the EU: Ukraine, Green Deal, Economy, China, Artificial Intelligence

2023-09-13 Donations and treatments: new safety rules for substances of human origin

2023-09-13 Rape must be made an offence under the Directive on Violence Against Women

2023-09-13 Parliament adopted clear rules for organic pet food

2023-09-13 MEPs adopted new rules protecting consumers from taking on too much debt

2023-09-13 Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs travel to Tunisia to look into political situation

2023-09-13 Reducing pollution in EU groundwater and surface waters

2023-09-12 MEPs confirm Iliana Ivanova as new Commissioner

2023-09-12 MEPs approve new rules protecting geographical indications of EU crafts

2023-09-12 MEPs vote to strengthen EU defence industry through common procurement

2023-09-12 Opening: 11-14 September plenary session

2023-09-12 Chemicals: Clearer classification and labelling to improve info to consumers

2023-09-08 Critical raw materials: MEPs back plans to secure EU's own supply and sovereignty

2023-09-08 MEPs back plans to protect consumers from energy market manipulation

2023-09-08 Newsletter - 11-14 September 2023 - Strasbourg plenary session

2023-09-07 EMPL MEPs ready to negotiate limit values for lead and diisocyanates

2023-09-07 Media Freedom Act: protecting editorial decisions from political interference

2023-09-05 Hearing of Commissioner-designate Iliana Ivanova on 5 September

2023-09-05 Court of Auditors: EP committee backs the new Slovak candidate

2023-09-01 The Week Ahead 04 – 10 September 2023

2023-08-25 Next week in the development committee


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