News archive for month 09.2023

2023-09-29 Newsletter - 2-5 October 2023 - Strasbourg plenary session

2023-09-26 Deal on streamlining the European Medicines Agency’s fees system

2023-09-26 MEPs quiz ECB President focusing on interest rate hikes

2023-09-21 Sakharov Prize 2023: nine nominations announced

2023-09-20 EU to ban greenwashing and improve consumer information on product durability

2023-09-20 Free movement: Schengen reform to ensure border controls only as a last resort

2023-09-20 MEPs argue for a top up to multi-annual budget for crisis response

2023-09-20 Montenegro’s EU accession progress is losing momentum

2023-09-19 MEPs call for a strategy to increase protein production and EU independence

2023-09-19 Short-term rentals: increasing transparency and curbing illegal listings

2023-09-19 MEPs want to extend rules on relaxed tariffs for developing countries

2023-09-19 Remove barriers for young people to access farming, say agriculture MEPs

2023-09-18 MEPs to discuss women's reproductive health and rights

2023-09-18 The Week Ahead 18 – 24 September 2023

2023-09-15 Creating a more stable, affordable and sustainable electricity market

2023-09-15 Reduce demand and protect people in prostitution, say MEPs

2023-09-15 Critical raw materials: Securing the EU's supply and sovereignty

2023-09-14 70% of jet fuels at EU airports will have to be green by 2050

2023-09-14 Air pollution: MEPs want stricter limits to achieve zero pollution by 2050

2023-09-14 MEPs call on EU and Türkiye to look for alternative ways to cooperate

2023-09-14 Parliament strengthens rules on integrity, transparency and accountability

2023-09-13 SMEI: MEPs adopt their position on a new EU crisis management system

2023-09-13 2024 European elections: 15 additional seats divided between 12 countries

2023-09-13 State of the EU: Ukraine, Green Deal, Economy, China, Artificial Intelligence

2023-09-13 Donations and treatments: new safety rules for substances of human origin

2023-09-13 Rape must be made an offence under the Directive on Violence Against Women

2023-09-13 Parliament adopted clear rules for organic pet food

2023-09-13 MEPs adopted new rules protecting consumers from taking on too much debt

2023-09-13 Foreign Affairs Committee MEPs travel to Tunisia to look into political situation

2023-09-13 Reducing pollution in EU groundwater and surface waters

2023-09-12 MEPs confirm Iliana Ivanova as new Commissioner

2023-09-12 MEPs approve new rules protecting geographical indications of EU crafts

2023-09-12 MEPs vote to strengthen EU defence industry through common procurement

2023-09-12 Opening: 11-14 September plenary session

2023-09-12 Chemicals: Clearer classification and labelling to improve info to consumers

2023-09-08 Critical raw materials: MEPs back plans to secure EU's own supply and sovereignty

2023-09-08 MEPs back plans to protect consumers from energy market manipulation

2023-09-08 Newsletter - 11-14 September 2023 - Strasbourg plenary session

2023-09-07 EMPL MEPs ready to negotiate limit values for lead and diisocyanates

2023-09-07 Media Freedom Act: protecting editorial decisions from political interference

2023-09-05 Hearing of Commissioner-designate Iliana Ivanova on 5 September

2023-09-05 Court of Auditors: EP committee backs the new Slovak candidate

2023-09-01 The Week Ahead 04 – 10 September 2023


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