News archive for month 10.2023

2023-10-31 Speech of President Metsola at the University of Sorbonne, Paris

2023-10-27 MEPs travel to Ireland to investigate defective concrete blocks used in the construction of thousands of homes

2023-10-27 Metsola: “we have a duty to meet this moment”

2023-10-27 Spyware: MEPs take stock of developments in the member states

2023-10-26 European elections 2024: MEPs’ proposals for the lead candidate system

2023-10-26 MEPs call for a new proposal on more efficient EU administration

2023-10-25 Депутатите приемат препоръки относно използването на данъчната политика за справяне с настоящите трудности

2023-10-25 Protect jobs and workers’ rights in the just transition

2023-10-25 EU Treaties reform: MEPs submit proposals to strengthen EU capacity to act

2023-10-25 Right to repair: incentives for consumers to repair rather than replace

2023-10-25 Status of the artist: improve working conditions of artists and cultural workers

2023-10-25 Cohesion: need for a targeted support of automotive-dependent regions

2023-10-25 Extractive industries: MEPs call for greater accountability, transparency, and local engagement

2023-10-25 Petitions in 2022: environmental themes, citizens’ rights and foreign affairs

2023-10-24 Pesticides: MEPs want a drastic cut in use of chemical pesticides

2023-10-24 Carbon removals: MEPs want EU certification scheme to boost uptake

2023-10-24 Humanitarian aid: EU needs to urgently increase its aid budgets

2023-10-24 MEPs back harmonising firearms import and export to fight trafficking

2023-10-24 Talent in EU regions: MEPs require financial tools to address population loss

2023-10-24 MEPs support CO2 emissions reduction targets for trucks and buses

2023-10-24 Metsola: If we are not to stagnate, we cannot be afraid of change.

2023-10-24 “Elect her” – supporting women's political participation

2023-10-23 Parliamentarians, officials and experts delve deep into tax policy for tomorrow

2023-10-20 MEPs condemn Hamas attack on Israel and call for a humanitarian pause

2023-10-19 Trafficking in human beings: MEPs ready to negotiate new EU rules

2023-10-19 MEPs adopt digital visas to boost the security of the Schengen area

2023-10-18 President Metsola at the European Council: EU must remain coherent and united

2023-10-18 2023 EP journalism prize awarded to international consortium for investigation into June’s Pylos migrant boat shipwreck

2023-10-18 Armenian Prime Minister: “We must move steadily towards peace with Azerbaijan”

2023-10-18 A long-term solution for Ukraine’s funding needs

2023-10-17 A STEP towards supporting EU competitiveness and resilience in strategic sectors

2023-10-17 Opening: 16-19 October plenary session

2023-10-17 Towards an EU ban on products made with forced labour

2023-10-13 Newsletter - 16-19 October 2023 - Strasbourg plenary session

2023-10-12 Future of Cohesion: maintain long-term focus while assisting in emergencies

2023-10-12 2023 Sakharov Prize: finalists chosen

2023-10-11 President Metsola in solidarity with the victims of the terror attacks in Israel

2023-10-11 A STEP towards supporting EU competitiveness and resilience in strategic sectors

2023-10-11 Solemn moment tomorrow for the victims of the terrorist attacks in Israel

2023-10-10 Better protection for consumers against damages by defective products

2023-10-06 Parliament pushes for start of EU accession talks with Moldova

2023-10-06 EU must step up actions to protect kids on the internet

2023-10-05 Parliament calls for better reuse and treatment of urban wastewater

2023-10-05 Human trafficking: MEPs want strong focus on victims’ rights

2023-10-05 Deal reached on reducing fluorinated gas emissions in the EU

2023-10-05 MEPs want to tackle inconsistent rules for airline carry-on luggage

2023-10-05 Chemicals: Clearer classification and labelling to improve info to consumers

2023-10-04 Three countries to receive nearly €455 million in EU aid after natural disasters

2023-10-04 Boost the rights of people with autism through a common EU legal status, ask MEPs

2023-10-04 EU and Switzerland have to modernise their relations, say MEPs

2023-10-03 Media Freedom Act: MEPs tighten rules to protect journalists and media outlets

2023-10-03 Press conference on the revision of the EU's long-term budget with EP President Metsola and co-rapporteurs on Tue 3 October

2023-10-03 EU budget 2024: tackling next year's challenges with mid-term revision boost

2023-10-02 Green bonds: more transparency, no greenwashing


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