Bulgaria: Wholesale Food Prices have Risen by more than 7% since the Beginning of 2023

12.03.2023 / 13:34

The market price index (MPI), which reflects wholesale food prices in Bulgaria, rose this week by 0.32 percent to 2,480 points. Since the beginning of the year, the level of the index has risen by over 7 percent (from 2,316 points), BTA reported.

The base level of the MPI - 1,000 points - is from 2005.

Greenhouse tomatoes became cheaper by 5.6 percent to BGN 3.86 per kilogram in the last week. Greenhouse cucumbers fell by 8.9 percent and were bought for BGN 5.55 per kilogram. Red peppers fell by 0.5 percent to BGN 4.14 per kilogram at the end of the week.

Potatoes fell in price by 1.7 percent and were sold at BGN 1.19 per kilogram, while carrots fell by 6.4 percent and were traded at BGN 1.17 per kilogram. Cabbage is bought at BGN 0.83 per kilogram.

Apples became cheaper by 5.6 percent and are bought at BGN 1.34 per kilogram. Lemons rose in price by 4 cents and are bought at BGN 2.44 per kilogram. Oranges rose in price by 5.0 percent and were traded at BGN 1.90 per kilogram, tangerines jumped by 5.7 percent to BGN 2.43 per kilogram. Bananas are sold at BGN 3.16 per kilogram.

Cow's cheese went up in price by 1.2 percent and was traded at BGN 11.53 per kilogram, while "Vitosha" cheese was bought by 1.7 percent more - at BGN 18.34 per kilogram.

Sunflower oil became cheaper by 7.1 percent and is sold at BGN 3.68 per liter.

A package of cow butter of 125 grams increased in price by 3.1 percent and is traded at BGN 2.62. Chicken meat drops by 4.9 percent to BGN 6.00 per kilogram. Sugar became cheaper by 1.2 percent and was sold at BGN 2.51 per kilogram at the end of the week.

Flour type "500" increased in price by 1.5 percent to BGN 1.38 per kilogram.

Rice became cheaper by 0.3 percent and is bought at BGN 3.17 per kilogram. Eggs increase in price by 1 cent and are sold at BGN 0.39 per piece wholesale at the end of the week./BTA

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