78 Years since the Massacre of the Bulgarian Elite by the Communist Regime

01.02.2023 / 15:17

February 1, 2023 marks the 78th anniversary of the darkest date in modern Bulgarian history – the mass killing of the Bulgarian elite by the communists.

On February 1, 1945, the “legal body” of the Red Terror - the so-called People's Court - pronounced the most death sentences in the history of Bulgaria. The massacre took place the same day at night. Statesmen, politicians, military and intellectuals are slaughtered next to a deserted pit in Orlandovci district dug up by the bombings.

Among the victims are the brother of Tsar Boris III - Prince Kiril Preslavski, together with the other two regents of the minor Tsar Simeon - the world-famous scientist Prof. Bogdan Filov, and Gen. Nikola Mihov. Together with them, the ministers in the two cabinets of Bogdan Filov, as well as the ministers in the governments of Dobri Bozhilov, Ivan Bagryanov and Konstantin Muraviev, MPs, soldiers, etc., were executed.

In total, over 2,730 people were executed by the People's Court in Bulgaria, which makes our country the first in the world in terms of death sentences handed down due to the outbreak of the Second World War /1939-1945/, and we are not even at war against the Allies from the anti-Hitler coalition, and we entered the war on the Axis side in 1941, a full two years after it had begun. In Germany, which is the main culprit for inciting it, 12 death sentences have been handed down since the Nuremberg trials. Those sentenced to death by the Tokyo Tribunal are 14 people.

The victims of the new communist government, led by the leader Georgi Dimitrov, were not limited to those massacred on February 1, 1945. The massacre of the Bulgarian elite began as soon as they took power on September 9, 1944. In the first days after the coup, according to various estimates, several thousand people were killed without trial and sentence. These are primarily representatives of the elite, who, according to the communists, could oppose the new rulers-recidivists who have come down from the forests or released from prisons. The People's Court would later sentence those already killed to legalize the taking away of their honor and property.

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