Orthodox church marks Synaxis of the Mother of God on the second day of Christmas

26.12.2022 / 20:23

On December 26, the Orthodox church celebrates the Synaxis of the Mother of God. It also pays honor to St. Joseph, who took care of the baby and the Mother of God. Therefore, the holiday is also marked as Father's Day.

Joseph and Mary saved the newborn Jesus from the angry King Herod. The ruler was afraid that the Son of God would dethrone him. To make sure that he would kill the child, the king ordered that all newborn boys in Bethlehem be slaughtered. The cruelty forced Joseph and Mary to flee to Egypt together with the baby. In addition to pointing out the role of parents in protecting children, the holiday is also a message for compassion towards refugees, because the family of God's Son also found safety after fleeing.

Source: BNR
Photo: dveri.bg

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