Russia not only Destroys but Depopulates Ukraine: A Quarter of its Population is already Abroad

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28.11.2022 / 20:40

Russia is not only destroying Ukraine. It systematically depopulates it, as the non-stop shelling, the lack of basic security and living conditions force millions of Ukrainians to emigrate. The country, which had a population of 47 million before the war, now has about 36 million, is losing its gene pool, researchers warn.

Even before Christmas, Europe is expecting a new wave of Ukrainian immigrants. Another 2-3 million Ukrainians fleeing the winter without electricity, water or heating are expected to join the 11 million compatriots who have already fled their homeland because of the war, predicts the European office of the World Health Organization. The Ukrainian Ministry of Economy also expects many Ukrainians to go abroad in search of work. Now the unemployed in the country are 5 million according to the official local statistics. Destroyed energy infrastructure and frequent power outages are forcing people with small and medium-sized businesses to look for a way to move out.

The World Bank predicts that if the trend continues, 55 percent of the Ukrainian population will live abroad by the end of 2023, compared with 2 percent in the pre-war years and 25 percent now.

So far, Russian strikes have destroyed 32,000 civilian sites and more than 700 critical infrastructure sites in Ukraine, said Yevgeny Enin, Ukraine's deputy interior minister.

The state energy supply enterprise "Ukrenergo" announced this morning that there is a power outage practically throughout Ukraine due to the sharp increase in the deficit in the system. It currently equates to 27 percent of capacity, the company said.

Freezing the ground in winter could speed up military action because it would make movement easier, analysts at the US Institute for the Study of War say.

Meanwhile, the American aircraft manufacturing corporation "Boeing" has proposed to the United States to produce relatively cheap ammunition with a radius of action of about 150 kilometers, which would allow Ukrainian troops to strike deep in the enemy's rear, Reuters wrote, citing a document and sources familiar with the matter. the situation.

Over the past 24 hours, Ukrainian artillery has hit four areas where Russian troops are concentrated, the Ukrainian General Staff reported, as quoted by the Ukrinform agency.

At the same time, those who retreated on November 11 of this year from Kherson, Russian forces continue to shell the city with rocket artillery, the British Ministry of Defense reported in its daily briefing. The Russians have also struck three areas of the Kharkiv region, regional governor Oleg Sinegubov announced in Telegram.

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