Partial solar eclipse will be observed from all over Bulgaria on October 25

Solar eclipse viewing glasses
25.10.2022 / 10:56

A partial solar eclipse will be visible from the entire territory of Bulgaria on October 25 during the second half of the day.

For Sofia, the eclipse will begin at 12:27:16 p.m., Pencho Markishki, an astrophysicist from the Institute of Astronomy at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, told BTA. The greatest obscuration of the solar disk will be observed at 1:36:39 p.m., and the end of the phenomenon will be at 2:45:59 p.m.

The solar eclipse will be most clearly visible in Varna where almost 40% of the solar disk will be obscured by the Moon. There the maximum phase will occur at 1:42:41 p.m. The beginning and end of the eclipse there will be at 12:29:43 p.m. and at 2:54:45 p.m., respectively.

Astronomers advise against viewing the solar eclipse without protective equipment because there is a risk of eye damage.

Source: BNR
Photo: BGNES-archive

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