There are Regions in Bulgaria where Every Third Person is 65 or Older

04.10.2022 / 11:08

“The data from the latest population census is not a surprise, it confirms all the trends that have characterized our country for the past 40 years.” Magdalena Kostova, director of the Directorate "Demographic and Social Statistics" at the NSI, commented this to BNT.

It is not surprising that the population is decreasing, considering the demographic indicators and the fact that Bulgaria is a "giving country" - people are emigrating, commented Kostova.

"Demographic processes are developing rather slowly, but they are not irreversible. With appropriate measures in the field of social assistance, the population, the birth rate, could turn around."

Data from the census years show that different numbers of people lived on the territory of Bulgaria - from 2 million during the first census in the Principality of Bulgaria to almost 9 million in 1985.

The aging population is not only characteristic of Bulgaria, but of all developed countries in the EU, but here this share is becoming too high.

"In a regional aspect, there are regions of the country where the census shows that every third person is 65 or older. The burden on the active-age population is increasing, and there is no reproduction of the working-age population," said Magdalena Kostova.

The birth rate in Bulgaria is at the level of the average in the EU, but the death rate in Bulgaria is the highest in the Union. We have the largest negative natural increase between newborns and deaths, and the pandemic has also contributed to this. The other main factor is migration - about 347,000 Bulgarians have emigrated in the last 10 years.

"Mostly young people, of working age and women of fertile age emigrate. About 40% of the population decrease is due to migration. The average age for the birth of a first child is about 28 years - it is one of the lowest in the EU, because this indicator is increasing more and more. However, this is not an indicator that affects the number of children born," explained Kostova

It is difficult to say how many Bulgarians are abroad, this can become clear from the censuses in other countries, she added.

"They are subject to a census in the countries in which they reside. All countries conducted a census almost simultaneously in this period, so I hope that within two or three years we will have a more detailed picture of where and in which countries how many Bulgarians live".

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