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18.06.2022 / 20:11

A couple of days ago, a new big player joined the video streaming market in Bulgaria. Disney + announced that from June 14 their platform will be available in 14 Central and Eastern European countries, including Bulgaria. Subscribers will be able to choose video content from the catalogs of Disney, Pixar, Marvel, Star Wars, National Geographic and Star, as well as the latest titles from 21st Century Studios, Disney Television Studios, FX and Searchlight Pictures.

The price of Disney + in Bulgaria will be EUR 7.99 (BGN 15.66) per month or EUR 79.90 (BGN 156.60) for an annual subscription. Users will be able to watch up to 4 devices simultaneously, 4K UHD video for certain titles, Dolby Atmos sound, the ability to add up to 7 different profiles.

Parents will be able to create children's profiles so that their children have access to age-appropriate content. Accounts used by adults will be able to be locked with a PIN code, and children's profiles will be separate.

At its launch, the service will not have an option for all languages ​​of Central and Eastern Europe, including Bulgarian. Initially, Bulgarian users will not have access to Bulgarian subtitles, but Disney + promises that this will happen at a later stage, although they do not specify when.

Other major platforms also have a problem with Bulgarian subtitles. At the beginning Netflix’s service in Bulgaria, the Bulgarian subtitles were generated automatically, which made them almost impossible to use and were later stopped.

In any case, Disney + will have to establish itself on the market of video streaming services in Bulgaria in conditions of serious competition. Here are the other main candidates for the attention and subscription of the Bulgarian film user, as well as the main parameters they offer.



One of the most popular American video streaming platforms in the world is available to Bulgarian viewers since 2016. It offers a huge catalog of movies and series without ads, and this year the company announced plans to introduce a service at a lower price, including advertising content.

An online registration is required for a subscription, and the platform also has a mobile application. Each registered subscription can have up to five individual profiles, with separate settings for the level of age restrictions.

Subtitles and audio are available in different languages, but Bulgarian is not among them. However, a limited set of titles have subtitles in Bulgarian.

The price of the subscription varies from the respective plan, and payments are made automatically every month on the date of registration. There are three types of plans, each of which gives unlimited access to the catalog of the platform and allows any type of device to be used (phone, tablet, computer, laptop, smart TV). Subscribers can cancel their plan at any time.

The "basic" plan offers viewing on only one screen and the ability to download video on one mobile device. Its price is also the lowest - 7.99 euros (15.66 levs) per month, not including streaming in HD quality.

The second plan is "standard", allowing the use of two devices on which videos can be viewed simultaneously and downloaded. Its price is 9.99 euros (19.58 levs) per month and there is an option for HD quality.

The third plan is "premium" and offers up to four viewing screens at a time and four devices that can play downloaded videos. This is the most expensive plan with a price of 11.99 euros (23.50 leva) per month, offering both HD quality and the Ultra HD option.



In March 2022, HBO GO became HBO Max, with subscribers automatically switching to the new platform with the same registration information. It is accessed via smart TVs, mobile devices, game consoles, streaming devices or online.

HBO Max offers annual and monthly subscriptions, and the monthly subscription can be terminated at any time. For newly registered users, the monthly subscription costs EUR 4.99 (BGN 9.78) and the annual subscription costs EUR 39.40 (BGN 77.22), which saves 33% of the accumulated monthly fees.

Customers who have used the services of HBO GO enjoy a promotion of 3.30 euros (6.49 leva) per month, which saves 33% of the new monthly fee for consumers. All new entrants before March 31, 2022 can also enjoy the discount. The only condition is that the subscription is not interrupted.

HBO Max contains a wide selection of offers from Warner Bros., HBO, Max Originals, DC, Cartoon Network and others.

There is no limit to the number of devices per subscriber and up to five individual registration profiles can be created, including profiles for children with selected content. The option to download movies and series, allowing offline viewing, is also possible.

There are four variations of the quality of the videos in the platform (no difference in prices).

There is an option for Bulgarian subtitles of each movie or series.

The platform also offers connection via a mobile operator to a phone/tablet, computer or TV.


Amazon Prime Video

The American company offers video streaming against a paid subscription, which differs from the Prime subscription plan available in Western countries.

When creating a registration, the first 30 days are free, and after this period, the monthly price is 5.99 euros (11.74 levs). The subscription can be canceled at any time. Subscribers who have Amazon registration automatically have Amazon Prime Video registration.


A1 XploreTV subscribers can connect with an Amazon Prime Video operator.

The platform has a mobile application. Video streams can be viewed on three different devices at the same time (iPhone, iPad, Tablet and Android device), as well as the option to watch offline by downloading. Once a video is downloaded, it must be watched for up to 30 days before it expires. In most cases, videos must be watched within 48 hours before they can be removed.

Individual profiles can be adjusted for children, but the platform does not offer Bulgarian audio or subtitles.


Apple TV +

Apple TV + contains all original Apple productions. To use the platform you need to register, the first 7 days are free, and then the monthly fee is 9.90 euros (19.40 levs).

The platform can be used through the Apple TV application, in which videos can be watched exclusively.

Apple TV + is available through all Apple devices, smart TVs, streaming devices, game consoles and cable/satellite providers. When buying an Apple device, there is an option to use the video streaming platform for free for 3 months. This offer must be activated in the first 90 days after purchasing the device.

The platform can be used by more than one person, the maximum number is six, but the condition is that all those who use this one registration are in the Family Sharing group.



The service is part of the bTV Media Group and a subscription is required to use it. It broadcasts all channels of the bTV family and contains over 3,000 hours of movies and series, including live shows and sports, as well as children's content.

The platform offers Bulgarian subtitles and dubbing and there are no ads. There is a mobile application.

Voyo offers series up to 7 days before their broadcast on the bTV Media group. There is access to various devices such as phone, tablet and computer, but the option to watch movies and TV series via smart TVs is not yet available.

You can stream videos on three different devices at the same time.

After registration, the platform offers 7 days of free use to subscribers. Subscribers have a choice when and how much to pay.

The standard subscription costs BGN 8 and lasts one month, and the super subscription costs BGN 6.67 (BGN 40.00 for 6 months). The longest subscription is annual and is BGN 5.59 per month, with a total of BGN 67.00.

The platform can be connected to telephone operators such as A1, Vivacom and Yettel. The mini-subscription lasts 15 days and costs BGN 4.80, and the mobile subscription is BGN 9.00 per month. Live sports can be purchased via SMS for BGN 2.40. Each of the subscriptions can be terminated at any time.

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