Bulgarian PM for 146 years since the April Uprising: The most Important thing is Unity

PM Kiril Petkov
01.05.2022 / 14:16

“Today we bow our heads to the feat of the thousands of Bulgarians with big hearts and dreams of freedom, who 146 years ago - in the glorious April of 1876, rebelled against the Ottoman rule.”

This was written by Prime Minister Kiril Petkov on Facebook on the occasion of the anniversary of the April Uprising.

"Their heroism is indescribable. They filled the land of Koprivshtitsa, Klisura, Panagyurishte, Batak and dozens of other settlements with their blood. With their self-sacrifice, they caught the eye of the whole of Europe. The April Uprising is the most heroic manifestation of our national liberation movement. It is also the most widespread - it has attracted the whole Bulgarian society with one goal - freedom", the Prime Minister wrote.

"In times of trial, the most important thing is unity and the desire to draw your own destiny. That is why today we must continue to live according to the covenant of our ancestors - together, in harmony and preserving the Bulgarian spirit," said Petkov.

"On this holy day, I sincerely wish every Bulgarian to be proud of their homeland, to be responsible to themselves and society so that we have Bulgaria as we want it!", said the Prime Minister in his greeting.

Later in the day, Kiril Petkov will take part in the anniversary celebrations in the town of Koprivshtitsa. There Petkov will lay flowers on the grave of Todor Kableshkov, will take part in the opening of the celebrations of the April Epic and will watch the show "First Rifle", reproducing episodes of the April Uprising.

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