It is Holy Saturday, the Orthodox World Awaits the Resurrection of Christ

23.04.2022 / 16:27

Today is Holy Saturday - the last day of Holy Week. Orthodox Christians are preparing to celebrate the feast of feasts - the Resurrection of Christ. Church services recall the burial of Jesus Christ and the Savior's descent into Hell.

According to the church hymns, Holy Saturday is overly blessed, because in it Christ, asleep, will be resurrected in three-day period.

Metropolitan Gregory of Vratsa said: "The Lord Jesus Christ, as the church sings, is in the grave with his body, but with his soul, he descends into the depths of hell. This day is indeed the day of the victory of life over death. It is no coincidence that most of the icons of the Resurrection of Christ are precisely this descent into the hell of Christ. And this day is the day we prepare to enter into the joy of Easter."

On Holy Saturday, it is customary for women to visit cemeteries to distribute painted eggs and bread to the souls of the dead. Until noon, housework is allowed, which is completely prohibited later in the day.

Today, Easter cakes (Kozunaks) are also made - if red eggs are a symbol of the blood of Jesus Christ, then sweet bread is his flesh.

Today is the last day on which Easter eggs can be painted, the first of which in red.

It is used to make a sign of the cross on the foreheads of the children and then of everyone in the family. The next egg, which is left in the church on Saturday night, after the festive liturgy, is also painted red.

Solemn services for the Resurrection of Christ throughout the country will begin at 23:30 p.m. tonight. You will be able to follow the service in the Patriarchal Cathedral "St. Alexander Nevsky" through the live broadcast on the program "Horizont" on the Bulgarian National Radio.

The service in the Patriarchal Cathedral will be attended by President Rumen Radev, and Prime Minister Kiril Petkov will be in the church "Holy Assumption" in Tsarevo./BNR

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