The holy month of Ramadan for Muslims starts today

02.04.2022 / 20:45

As of today, Muslims in Bulgaria and around the world are entering the holy month of Ramadan (in Turkish Ramazan), in which they devote themselves to daily strict fasting, prayers and care for the needy.

The name "Ramadan" comes from the Arabic "ramida or ar-ramad", which means "burning heat" or "dryness".

Every day, before dawn, the members of the Muslim community take their last meal, known as "suhur", and then abstain from eating, drinking, and marital relations throughout the day until sunset, when the time comes for the so-called "iftar" - a traditional family dinner. In addition to abstinence and prayer, fasting emphasizes humility and care for the poor.

Every year the Muslim community in Bulgaria prepares packages of basic food products, which it distributes to those in need during the holy month.

This year, a total of 8,500 packages will be distributed as much of the humanitarian aid will be directed to refugees from Ukraine and will be sent to the places where they are accommodated, said the Chief Mufti of Bulgaria.

In his address to the Muslims in the country, the Chief Mufti of Bulgaria Dr. Mustafa Hadji greeted them with the coming of the holy month in which Allah sent the Qur'an to the Muslims.

In an official statement issued by the government's press service, Prime Minister Kiril Petkov congratulated the Muslims in Bulgaria and wished them health, prosperity and peaceful days filled with love and respect.

Source: BNR

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