Mass Cancellations of Reservations from Abroad in Bansko due to the War in Ukraine

28.02.2022 / 10:16

Due to the military actions in Ukraine, dozens of reservations in Bansko were canceled in just a few days. The tourist business in the city expects the number of canceled vacations to continue to grow, both for the end of the winter season and for the summer season.

“Currently in Bansko most of the tourists are from England and Israel, there are also from Russia, Romania, Moldova. The military conflict will certainly have a negative impact on tourism now and in the future. I assume that the cancellations from these markets will continue - mainly from Russia and Moldova”, said on BNT a hotel manager in Bansko.

“Given that the flights have been suspended and the situation is extremely difficult and unpredictable, I think that 100% of everything from now on will be canceled. War is not good for anyone, war does not bring success to tourism. Bulgaria is very close to the actions and events and we are extremely worried especially about summer tourism because where there is no foreign tourist, a foreigner will not allow himself to come to rest on the Black Sea coast or in the mountains,” said Malin Bistrin, Chairman of the Union of Tourism Business in Bansko.

Against the background of the complicated international situation, hoteliers expect a slight increase in Bulgarian tourists after the fall of green certificates.

“Our attention is already focused on the Bulgarian tourist and I hope that the finale of our season will be quite strong from what we have both as natural resources and as time,” said Malin Bistrin, chairman of the Union of Tourism Business in Bansko.

The hoteliers in the resort are ready to accept refugees from Ukraine but under clearly defined conditions regarding who will pay the support of these people and at what price./BNT

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