At 15.3%, Bulgaria registers lowest coronavirus positivity rate in weeks

Coronavirus test
14.02.2022 / 11:44

1,539 is the number of newly registered Covid-19 cases in the country in the past 24, compared to 3,625 on the previous day. 78% of the new infections are among the unvaccinated.

15.3% of the 10,061 tests performed in the country in the past day have returned a positive result, Single Coronavirus Portal data show. If the coronavirus positivity rate remains low on Tuesday, that would mean that the peak of the latest wave of coronavirus has passed. The number of active cases is 258,250, down by 1,654.

203 is the number of new hospital admissions, 90% of them among the unvaccinated. 6,236 Covid-19 patients are being treated in hospital, 616 of them in intensive care. 45 people with established Covid-19 have died in the past day, 3,148 are reported as recovered.

Only 1,000 doses of vaccine were administered on Sunday.

Source: BNR
Photo: Stanimir Petkov

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