Bulgaria hopes for a speedy resolution of the issue of the rights of Macedonian Bulgarians

Sir Stuart Peach, Rumen Radev (right)
02.02.2022 / 20:46

The European perspective of the Republic of North Macedonia and the countries of the Western Balkans and the key importance of the European integration process for security and stability in the region were discussed by President Rumen Radev and the UK Special Envoy to the Western Balkans, Sir Stuart Peach.

President Radev expressed Bulgaria's hope that the issue would be quickly resolved of guaranteeing the rights of Macedonian Bulgarians by enshrining them in the constitution of the Republic of North Macedonia, abandoning the language of hatred towards Bulgaria and respecting the centuries-old Bulgarian cultural and historical heritage. Achieving real results in the bilateral dialogue with Bulgaria will significantly accelerate the process of European integration for the Republic of North Macedonia, Rumen Radev stressed.

Source: BNR

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