Bulgarian Mathematician: No More than 70-80% of Green Certificates are Genuine

Green certificate
23.01.2022 / 13:58

There is a huge jump in the number of COVID patients in the age group of 10-14 and 15-19 years - about 2,500 children a day. This record number will be reflected in the jump this or next week in adult cases.” This was said by the mathematician Lachezar Tomov on Nova TV.

Intensive care beds for children are very few and do not have the capacity to take the expected cases of more seriously ill patients, which will appear five weeks after the peak of the wave.

“I don't count the real cases of children at all, those 2,500 are the tip of the iceberg,” he added.

According to mathematics, no more than 70-80% of green certificates are genuine. He explains this with the high percentage of certified patients who are hospitalized. The actual vaccination rate is probably around 20-23%.

The death toll will rise, the mathematician said.

“So far, nearly 33,000 people have died. Unofficially, this figure is multiplied by 2, which means that the death toll is over 60,000. 1% of the population has already died, another half percent can follow them," Tomov said.

He expressed hope that in two weeks there will be a decline in those infected. Online education will also help. “If there is a decline in children infections, there will be a decline in adults’,” Tomov said.

According to mathematics, the fifth wave will not be very long and will hardly continue after March.

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Photo: Stanimir Petkov

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