Eurostat: Bulgaria with the highest mortality rate in the EU in November 2021

15.01.2022 / 11:14

The number of deaths in Bulgaria in November is almost twice as high as before the pandemic. This was announced by the European statistical agency Eurostat, quoted by Dnevnik daily. Eurostat publishes data on excess mortality, according to which it was the highest in Bulgaria among the 30 countries in Europe where data were collected.

According to the results, in November 2021 the deaths in Bulgaria were 88.2% more than in the same month in the base period before the pandemic. This is the highest number of deaths in the EU for the month, which turned out to be the deadliest in Europe last year (26.5%). At the other end is Sweden with a change in mortality of minus 0.5%. The measurement of Eurostat coincides with the fourth wave of the coronavirus infection in Bulgaria.

Despite the increase in deaths in Bulgaria in November, it does not exceed the figures of November 2020, when the death rate in Bulgaria was 94%.

Source: BNR

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