Hackers hit the Websites of several Ukrainian Ministries

14.01.2022 / 21:12

Sites of several Ukrainian ministries - Education, Agriculture, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Sports, Council of Ministers and Ministry of Emergencies - have been attacked by hackers. Their content has been replaced by threats against Ukrainian citizens. The text, which appears on the Foreign Ministry's website, is in three languages ​​- Ukrainian, Russian and Polish. It says that all the data of Ukrainians in their personal computers have been destroyed and cannot be recovered.

They also threaten that all of the information will become public.

The statement also said that the attack was due to "your past, present and future" and that it was in memory of the Volhynia massacre, the OUN UPA (Ukrainian Army, which was fighting on the side of Germany during the WWII), for Galicia (an area in Poland and Ukraine), for Polesia (an area divided between Poland, Belarus, Russia and Poland) and for historical lands, the statement said. The Volhynia massacre was a mass ethnic cleansing in the period 1943-1945 of the historical region in eastern Ukraine carried out by the OUN. The victims are mainly Polish and to a lesser extent Ukrainian civilians. The victims are about 60,000, and Poland views the events as genocide.

The Ministry of Education announced that they are working to eliminate the problems and that the cyber police is working on the case.

Sofia Photo Agency

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