Russian Foreign Minister: Our Patience is Running Out

Sergei Lavrov
14.01.2022 / 21:02

The United States and its allies are seeking to establish military bridgeheads around Russia. This was announced by the Russian Foreign Minister at a press conference.

Sergei Lavrov stressed that the emergence of the Alliance on Russia's borders is categorically unacceptable for Moscow and described it as a real "red line".

Russia's foreign minister also said Moscow's patience with the West was running out and accused the European Union of destroying all mechanisms for cooperation with Moscow.

"Things have been piling up since the 1990s with NATO's promises not to expand its military infrastructure to the east and not to have significant military forces in the new member states. All of this has been thrown in the bin by our Western friends," he said. Lavrov./BNT

Sofia Photo Agency
Photo: The Moscow Times

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