Recommendations of the Ministry of Health on the Anti-Epidemic Measures during the Holidays

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23.12.2021 / 19:37

On the eve of Christmas and New Year 2022, when we will spend more time with family, relatives and friends, the Ministry of Health wishes all Bulgarian citizens a pleasant holiday and reminds that to be healthy in the new year it is important to we comply with anti-epidemic measures.


We recommend:

- When shopping for the holidays, wear masks and avoid busy hours.

- Replace your mask regularly, depending on whether it is disposable or reusable - after using it, throw it away or wash it.

- Regularly ventilate rooms where there is no adequate ventilation.

- Keep your distance in public places - shopping malls, shops, bazaars, train stations, bus stops, etc.

- If possible, avoid places where many people gather at the same time.

- Bring your "green certificate", because it will be required when visiting sites for which possession is mandatory.

- Remember to wash and/or disinfect your hands after contact with surfaces and objects that more people have come in contact with.

- If you feel even a slight malaise, postpone meetings with other people.

- In case of complaints and symptoms typical of COVID-19, isolate yourself and consult your doctor. They will decide if and when you need to be tested for coronavirus infection.

- If you are planning a trip, familiarize yourself in advance with the requirements related to COVID-19 of the country or place of accommodation.

- Do not gather in large groups during the holidays due to the possibility that there are COVID-19 carriers present who do not yet have symptoms.

- Be especially careful when visiting elderly relatives.


Vaccination against COVID-19 protects you and your loved ones from severe disease and possible hospitalization. Plan your vaccination and do not delay too long.

Our daily behavior is an important aspect of fighting the virus. In this sense, compliance with anti-epidemic measures and vaccination will help us to overcome the pandemic faster and enjoy many more holidays with our loved ones./Ministry of Health Press Release

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