Decline in number of newly infected, but rise in hospitalized Covid patients

Coronavirus test
19.12.2021 / 10:07

There were 904 new coronavirus cases in the country in the past day. In comparison to Saturday, the there were 710 fewer cases. Nearly 81% of the newly infected people are non-vaccinated. There were 3.4% positive samples out of 26,744 tests, according to the portal

In the past day, 33 people with established Covid lost their lives. 31 of them were non-vaccinated.

The number of active cases has reached 95,828. The newly-admitted patients to hospitals reached 170. 86% of them are not vaccinated. A total of 4,575 patients are in hospital. The day before, they were 4,511. There are 532 people in intensive care. 250 recovered.

6,047 vaccines were administered on Saturday. 1,871,061 people have completed the immunization cycle. There are now 216,305 people with a third booster dose.

Source: BNR
Photo: Stanimir Petkov

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