Bulgarian Prof. Argirova: Green Certificate for Antibodies will be Valid for Three Groups of People

Prof. Radka Argirova
10.11.2021 / 12:05

From tomorrow - November 11, we will be able to issue a green certificate for people with proven antibodies to coronavirus. What are the criteria for the document - the topic in "The day begins" commented Prof. Radka Argirova, immunologist.

She explained that there are three main groups of people who will be subject to a green certificate based on antibodies.


The first group:

There are a number of people who bought an antigen test from the pharmacy, did it at home, it was positive and as conscious citizens, they isolated themselves, passed the virus and when their antibodies are measured, it is clear that they had met the virus.


The second group:

The other people are those who have been in serious condition, have been admitted to hospital immediately, have been treated and therefore have not entered the national system with a test, but have been seriously ill and have antibodies.


The third group

These are the ones who, as they say, got the virus on their feet - their encounter with the virus was asymptomatic, but they also have antibodies.

The antibody-based certificate will be valid for 3 months - science shows that it is possible for three months to have a change in antibodies, then they must be tested again, explained Prof. Argirova.

Regarding the types of antibody tests, she explained that there is a standard WHO sample that everyone compares to. If the standard sample is 100 units and the test gives you 10, you will have to multiply 10 in this case, if the test gives 1.5 you will multiply by as much as it becomes 100. In Bulgaria it is accepted that the unit for the number of antibodies is 150, added Prof. Argirova.

This type of green certificate is already being issued in Austria and will be introduced in Switzerland.

This is very important for health facilities, where a large part of the staff had covid, explained Prof. Argirova.

She also commented on the issue of administering a third dose of vaccine, which is officially approved for Pfizer and Moderna, with half the third dose being given for the first type and a full dose for Moderna.

A third dose can be given even if you have been vaccinated with Astra Zeneca, added Prof. Argirova.

All vaccines help all viral variants - do not doubt it, she stressed.

Prof. Argirova admitted that it is possible for a new variants of covid to emerge in Bulgaria. I do not want this to happen at all, for now we are with delta and delta plus, samples are constantly sequenced, the specialist added./BNT

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Photo: BNR

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