Bulgarian Assoc. Prof. Glomb: We Will Probably have to Re-Immunize Against Covid Every Year

Prof. Lyubomira Nikolaeva-Glomb
08.11.2021 / 18:59

Regarding the new variants of the virus and the protection from it - in the studio of "The day begins" the topics were commented by the virologist Assoc. Prof. Lyubomira Nikolaeva-Glomb.

She said that in Europe, student testing is absolutely underway. Students over the age of 12 are mostly vaccinated, however they are tested twice a week. The doctrine of "testing to stay in school" is accepted in most Western countries, explained Assoc. Prof. Glomb.

"Each vaccine requires several doses. The virus is variable, in principle coronaviruses have a volatile immunity. It will be the same in vaccinated people, so they must be constantly fed and kept awake with the vaccine," she said.

According to her, we will probably have to be vaccinated against coronavirus maybe a year, but if a large part of the population is immunized, the circulation of the infection will be blocked.

Young children should be assisted in testing and this will be done with a teacher and a parent. Assoc. Prof. Glomb said that there is nothing harmful in testing, and the Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases offers volunteer assistance to schools in the early days.

"On the issue of antibodies, I will express my personal opinion from the point of view of a virologist. In my opinion, there is currently no test to say that these antibodies are neutralizing and the individual who has them is therefore less likely to become infected or to transmit the infection. That is why no country has yet accepted them as authoritative," said the virologist.

The most dominant variant of the virus in our country is the delta variant, but this should not worry us, but the number of newly infected, explained Assoc. Prof. Glomb. She categorically stated that there is no longer an influenza epidemic in the country.

"I can't understand why people are worried about vaccines, given that several billion doses have already been made, we've been observing the results of the vaccine for a year and a half, they're describing side effects and they're one in several hundred thousand, which is insignificant compared to the lesions of the disease", said Assoc. Prof. Glomb.

She explained that a vaccinated person can become infected, but will spend the disease many times easier than an unvaccinated person. According to her, it is selfish to save one by one, and vaccination saves lives and allows all activities to take place./BNT

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