Bulgarian Prof. on Vaccines: People's Fear Depends on their IQ

Prof. Georgi Momekov
24.10.2021 / 16:29

"Issuing a certificate after the first dose of the vaccine is a pragmatic approach to stimulate vaccination in our country. We have an attitude against all things. The person who does not want to be vaccinated - does not want to do anything. He doesn't want to wear a mask either. With these measures, I hope that some rules will be followed“ this was stated in the studio of NOVA by the chairman of the Bulgarian Scientific Society of Pharmacy Prof. Georgi Momekov.

He also commented on vaccination for people with autoimmune diseases.

"Many of these diseases do not impose any restrictions on vaccination. There are cases in which we really need to consult with the doctor conducting the therapy. There are over 6 billion doses administered in the world and many of these people have autoimmune diseases. In the USA, they also vaccinate people with oncological diseases", explained Prof. Momekov.

"We don't have to worry about the most common side effects at all. This is just an injection that should teach our body. One-day fever and discomfort are not a problem, especially among a nation where silicone dentures are given to schoolgirls. "People are not afraid to give silicone breasts to their daughter, but they are worried about a vaccine," said the specialist.

"We are talking about a nation with a strict immunization schedule. Bulgarians have experienced dozens of vaccinations and I really do not understand this phobia. It may have been induced," he added.

"People's fears depend on their IQ. People with a low IQ talk about chips in the vaccines. When they are supposedly more intelligent, they start telling you that you will not be able to reproduce. In Israel, pregnant women are vaccinated en masse and it has been proven that the components of these vaccines have nothing to do with fertility," said Prof. Momekov./Nova

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Photo: Pixabay

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