IN 2 DAYS: Over 40,000 People have been Vaccinated against COVID-19 in Bulgaria

23.10.2021 / 18:38

The interest in vaccination in our country continues to increase. Another day with queues for immunization in the country. Vaccination points in Ruse even warn that there is already a shortage of some vaccines.

The executive drug agency reassured that there were enough doses available from the 4 authorized vaccines.

The most preferred vaccine in our country remains that of Pfizer / BioNTech. There are over 2 million doses of vaccines in our country. There are over 300,000 doses of Jansen vaccine available. The Medicines Agency assures that the amount of vaccines in our country is sufficient.

For the third day in a row, the interest in immunization does not stop, as only yesterday for more than 28 thousand vaccines. In some places, medics warned that vaccines were already missing.

Half an hour before the start of working hours in front of one of the checkpoints in Ruse there were already people waiting for a vaccine. Two hours later, it became clear that Jansen's vaccine had been exhausted.

There were also angry people for the lack of Moderna, although those waiting for a second needle called the checkpoint the day before and were booked.

"I should have received a second dose of Moderna, and now it is clear that there is no such dose in the city," people say in front of the checkpoint.

"We are currently working on two types of vaccines, Pfizer / BioNTech and Jansen. In people with diseases and heart problems, doctors refrain from placing Jansen,” say the nurses.

There are 7 million vaccines in the country from all approved preparations - assured the Medicines Agency.

"Jansen's vaccine has so far delivered more than 600,000 doses, with about 240,000 administered. Ie nearly over 300,000 are available," said Bogdan Kirilov.

He added that for all currently available vaccines produced in June, the shelf life is not 6 months, but 9 months.

"The expiration date of the vaccines, which are currently on the territory of the country, is of sufficient duration until the end of the year, there are batches that expire. Also in January, February and March", added Kirilov.

The Agency also reports a serious increase in the doses of vaccines administered on a 10-day basis. And today, for another day, a breakdown in the vaccination system has left dozens of people waiting for hours for immunization.

For the last 2 days in our country more than 40 thousand people have been vaccinated, 12 thousand of them have chosen the single-dose vaccine. Another 170,000 doses of Jansen's vaccine are expected to arrive in our country next week.

Sofia Photo Agency
Photo: Stanimir Petkov

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