Bulgarian Prof.: We will Propose Tightening of the Measures

Prof. Iva Hristova
17.10.2021 / 16:14

"The requirement for a Covid certificate is like an input filter, so to some extent to provide protection. There is also something very important in the requirement of a green certificate - to reduce the transmission of the virus, because if everyone can enter, these places will become like a breeding ground for the coronavirus. The aim is to limit gatherings between humans, at least gatherings between potential carriers of the virus." This was said to BNR by Prof. Iva Hristova, director of the National Center for Infectious and Parasitic Diseases. She described as very good the proposal of the Chief State Health Inspector Assoc. Prof. Angel Kunchev to access a number of activities and sites for public use by presenting a certificate for vaccination, for post-illness or for testing with a rapid antigen test or PCR.

According to Prof. Hristova, the control over the observance of the anti-epidemic measures is very important:

"I will propose (at the meeting of the Expert Council at the Ministry of Health on Monday - October 18) everything that leads to gathering people and compliance with the measures. Virologists and immunologists will propose tightening the measures."

Vaccination provides an opportunity for social contacts, she stressed and explained that although re-vaccinated people become infected, they get the disease much easier than the infection of unvaccinated people:

"Data from studies around the world show that vaccinated people handle the disease very lightly. Vaccinated people will get a mild cold and will be on foot. Even now there is talk of an intranasal vaccine, ie as a spray to be injected into the nose, "Mucosal immunity is created and the virus is eliminated at the front door. The evidence for the benefits of vaccines is endless."

Prof. Hristova was adamant that the coronavirus is very insidious and pointed out that there are few diseases that do not allow vaccination:

"I have no answer as to why the mortality rate in Bulgaria is so high. Whether because medical help is not sought or the cases are not announced, because the percentage of those who seek help turns out to be very high. ... The virus taught us how much responsibility we need when we member of society ".

During a pandemic, it is good for everyone to get a third vaccination dose, says Prof. Hristova.

Prof. Hristova described the issuance of fake vaccination certificates as a monstrous and very serious crime./BNR

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Photo: BNR

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