5,775,000 Bulgarians were Counted up until October 10

Census 2021 - the photo is illustrative
12.10.2021 / 17:46

According to preliminary data, 5,775,000 people were counted by October 10, of which 3,370,000 people were counted with paper cards and 2,405,000 electronically, the NSI reported.

The counters have until the end of this week to submit the enumeration cards and summary data from the polling stations where they worked, which means that the number of enumerators on paper will increase every day.

Two control surveys for the 2021 Census are launched by the National Statistical Institute.

More than four hundred experts working in the statistical departments of the NSI across the country will visit 14,000 homes and survey the households living in them. The sample was made at random and the research will continue until October 31, 2021.

The purpose of the first study is to establish the accuracy of the data on the population and housing, which are entered in the census maps, and to determine the amount of errors.

The second survey is related to the coverage of the population for the country, and its purpose is to establish the relative share of uncounted (missed) and twice counted (duplicated) persons in the census.

Based on the data from the control surveys, the main sources of errors will be determined, which will be avoided in the next censuses of the population and the housing stock.

Sofia Photo Agency
Photo: Stanimir Petkov

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