Census has covered just 82% of the population

Census 2021 - the photo is illustrative
11.10.2021 / 11:10

The National Census 2021 has finished. The campaign covered 82% of the population or 5,657,000 people, Sergei Tsvetarski, director of the National Statistical Institute – NSI, said. More than 2.4 million Bulgarians took part in the online census.

"The population census will be completed with the use of additional administrative information," Tsvetarski added. According to the NSI, the actual number of people living in Bulgaria should be around 6.9 million. The head of the NSI pointed out that this census was unique due to the combination of a number of negative factors and the hacker attack at the start of the process. It had made many people avoid the electronic census.

The NSI say they would process and submit interim data at the end of December.

Source: BNR
Photo: Stanimir Petkov

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