Bulgaria's State Archives Agency opens special exhibition on its 70th anniversary

10.10.2021 / 12:08

Today, the employees in the national archives agency celebrate their professional holiday for the 70th time. In 1951, by a decree of the Bulgarian National Assembly, the State Archive Fund was established and thus the beginning of the national archival system was set.

On the occasion of the anniversary, the State Archives Agency presents the exhibition "Treasures of the State Archives" with some of its most valuable exhibits.

Among them are a transcript of Slavo-Bulgarian History from 1809, photos and letters of Vasil Levski and Stefan Stambolov, the diary of Botev's detachment written by Yordan Karshovski, the decision of the First Grand National Assembly to elect Alexander Battenberg as Prince of Bulgaria, the Tarnovo Constitution of the Principality of Bulgaria, adopted on April 16, 1879, and the Manifesto for the Proclamation of the Independence of Bulgaria.

Source: BNR

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