Only accelerating vaccination can spare Bulgaria from the pandemic

Prof. Nikolay Vitanov
21.09.2021 / 11:20

The coronavirus pandemic in Bulgaria could end when the level of 40,000 vaccinations per day is reached, mathematician Prof. Nikolay Vitanov has said. He told the Bulgarian National Radio that currently one third of the infected people go through the disease without symptoms, without seeking medical help and they do not enter the official statistics.

If the number of those immunized and those who actually overcame the coronavirus are added up, it turns out that about 2.2 million Bulgarians now have immunity. This is not enough to control the pandemic. The mathematician expects the peak of the fourth wave of Covid-19 to be in early October and expressed concern that in order not to overload the health system, many of the infected would have to be treated at home.

Source: BNR
Photo: Ani Petrova

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