Hundreds of People Without Masks at a Concert in Berkovitsa, Bulgaria. Why are the measures in the city not followed?

Berkovitsa, Bulgaria
10.09.2021 / 11:41

In Berkovitsa, in defiance of the measures, a concert was held with hundreds of people in the audience. Footage from the celebration went viral on social media. They show that the spectators do not wear masks and the distance is not observed. The organizer of the event is the municipality.

"I was shocked by the irresponsible attitude of the mayor. There were a lot of people. There was no traffic scheme or disinfection points," said a man present at the concert.

The municipality told NOVA that there were three points where masks were distributed, as well as disinfectant dispensers. The people were a meter and a half away.

"We did an inspection. There really was a crowd. A criminal act of the organizer of the event will be written, namely – for the mayor of the municipality", said a representative of Regional Health Inspections.

Sofia Photo Agency

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