COVID-19: Jump in Infections in Bulgaria - 2090 New Cases

Coronavirus data
31.08.2021 / 13:30

Increase in the number of coronavirus infections and deaths in Bulgaria. The new cases are 2090. The percentage of infected is 6.5 when more than 32,000 tests are performed. 109 people lost the battle with the disease.

The largest number of infected is in Sofia, Plovdiv, and Stara Zagora. Another 10,412 doses of vaccine were given.

The chief state health inspector proposed measures to tackle the fourth wave.

His proposal includes a ban on holding mass events, except for a halved capacity and a green certificate. The establishments should work only outdoors, with a distance of 2 meters and groups of no more than 6 people.

People who are immunized or already passed the disease should be allowed in the establishments, and the staff must also be vaccinated.

In the malls people can be only one per 8 square meter. The Association of Restaurants is preparing for protests if the measures come into force.

Attendance at school is also in question. For now, Minister Denkov guarantees it only for first-graders.

The caretaker Prime Minister Stefan Yanev denied the allegations that this was an attempt to introduce compulsory vaccination.

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