Lightning Killed Football Coach During Match in Bulgaria’s Lesichovo

30.08.2021 / 11:16

A bolt of lightning killed a coach during a football match in the village of Lesichovo in Pazardzhik, BTA reports.

The 41-year-old coach at the academy of FC "Heber" Ivan Ranchev was struck by thunder on the field around 18:40 PM. This happened during a control match between the local team and the team of Botev (Chernogorovo).

Shortly after the start of the match, heavy rain fell and the was lightning, which struck the man on the spot. An ambulance was sent immediately, but emergency medics only determined his death.

Other people were swept away by the shock wave, but they were not injured.

"The control match started at 18:30 PM. Shortly afterward it started to rain and literally all of a sudden the sky lit up, there was loud thunder and lightning fell on the field. It hit exactly on Ivan Ranchev and a football player from our team. They both fell to the ground. Ivan still had a pulse. I instantly dialed 112, it was 18:38 PM. According to the instructions, we immediately started a heart massage, but I could see that we were losing him because the vital functions diminished with each passing moment. There was no doctor at the stadium as the match was a control one. This meant, there was no defibrillator. The emergency team that arrived at the stadium really didn't have any useful moves anymore, because the boy was lifeless," the mayor of the village, Dimitar Vrinchev, who witnessed the incident, told “Maritsa”.

According to him, the injured boy was examined and is in good condition. He added that only 30 minutes before the fatal lightning, children were playing with a ball on the field.

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