Dr. Simidchiev: Vaccines Do Not Restrict Rights, They Protect Our Community

Dr. Alexander Simidchiev
23.08.2021 / 11:26

"If we continue this way, we will have more peaks of the disease. The level of collective immune protection is very low and is not able to protect us. We continue to fail to implement effective measures against the spread of the virus. We do not have a real and effective vaccination campaign." This was stated in the studio of "Hello, Bulgaria" by the Deputy Chairman of the Healthcare Commission at the National Assembly Dr. Alexander Simidchiev.

He suggested that MPs be given special funds to conduct an awareness campaign on vaccines. "We need concrete, informative and influential messages to people's objections," he explained.

"We are not talking about hypotheses, but about real data. Two areas in Bulgaria are already in the red zone, and two others are very close to it. Unfortunately, the new wave will come just before the start of the school year. We will repeat something we already have knowledge about because we act in the same way. The measures are only on paper, but they are not implemented in practice ", added Dr. Simidchiev.

"When we live in a community, we have to consider some things. If we decide to drink alcohol, we restrict our rights to drive. It is a matter of personal choice. There are rules that protect our community, "he said.

"Israel is no longer one of the leaders in vaccination. Malta is 93%. "Israel is in 8-9th place with about 60% coverage," the specialist explained./NOVA

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Photo: nova.bg

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