Today is Big Orthodox and Christian Holiday - Assumption of Mother of God

Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus
15.08.2021 / 14:10

Assumption or the Great Mother of God is one of the 12 largest Christian holidays, celebrated equally by Orthodox, Catholics and other Christian denominations.

This day is dedicated to the death of the Mother of God or her sleep.

According to the legend, on this day the Аpostles gathered from the places where they preached to say goodbye to the Holy Mother of God and to bury her pure body.

According to Scripture, this is the day on which the Mother of God, at the age of 64, leaves earthly life and goes to her son. It is believed that the Mother of God helps childless women to have children.

That is why on the feast of the Assumption the young brides and brides without children bring gifts - home-made towels, aprons, socks, flowers, and place them under the icon of the saint.

According to the Bulgarian folk tradition, the holiday is called the Great Mother of God, unlike the Little Mother of God / on September 8 /, when the birth of the Mother of Christ is celebrated.

On the Great Mother of God, after a solemn liturgy in the church, ritual breads are consecrated, which the women then distribute for health and for the deceased relatives. Believers seek the protection of the Holy Mother of God for their life problems.

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