Celebration of 171st anniversary of Ivan Vazov's birth at Mezdra railway station

07.08.2021 / 10:43

Participants in celebrations dedicated to the 171st anniversary of the birth of the most renowned Bulgarian writer, Ivan Vazov, will arrive in the town of Mezdra by train, pulled by BDZ’s huge steam locomotive nicknamed “Baba Metsa.”

Vazov is famous around the world for the first Bulgarian novel "Under the Yoke", telling about the life of the Bulgarians on the eve of the National Liberation after five-century Ottoman rule. Guests from the Republic of North Macedonia are also expected to take part in the event.

The program in the region of Mezdra, which is the setting of some of Vazov's works, includes a folklore concert and other performances.

Source: BNR
Photo: BGNES-library

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