Bulgaria Enters Orange Covid Zone within Days, 462 New Covid-19 Cases

04.08.2021 / 11:15

Within days, our country will enter the orange zone for the spread of coronavirus due to the increase in cases. This was announced to bTV by the Deputy Minister of Health Dr. Dimitar Petrov.

According to him, the measures will be tightened, but it will be more in the strengthening of control. There will be a more drastic tightening when we enter the red zone.

"Currently, measures are being taken to tighten the anti-epidemic control indoors, where many people gather. These are mainly the discos in the resorts, there the impressions are that no measures are observed ", pointed out Dr. Dimitar Petrov. "It cannot be said in one restaurant that they have 200 seats and there are 2,000 people inside. Outdoor establishments with crowds are also likely to be restricted. These are the main sites of infection. Beaches are not such a problem, it is outdoors, there is wind, "said Dr. Dimitar Petrov.

He added that there is also a lot of traffic in the country, including transit. "Mainly from the guest workers, who return and stop several times until they reach the borders. There is also an accumulation at the borders, so the second direction for the inspections is on these routes, places for recreation, gas stations and fast food restaurants, "said Dr. Dimitrov.


The growth of new cases continues

462 are the new cases of coronavirus in our country during the last 24 hours. This is shown by the data of the Unified Information Portal. 16,656 tests were performed, which means that the positive samples are 2.8%.

In the last 24 hours, three people died with COVID-19, and 52 recovered. Most newly infected are traditionally in Sofia - 95, followed by Plovdiv - with 58, and Burgas - with 54. 914 patients are hospitalized , of which 86 - in intensive care units.

12,389 doses of vaccine were given per day. The total number of persons with a completed vaccination cycle is 1,013,254.

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