Bulgarian Children Participated in Video Conference with International Space Station

Space station
27.07.2021 / 10:47

On July 26, Bulgarian children and students talked live with the astronauts aboard the International Space Station.

The initiative was entitled ''Hello Space! Bulgaria calling''.

Some 15 children had the opportunity to ask their questions to two ISS astronauts.

They spent months thinking about what questions to ask, because the condition was that each question should be such that its answer could not be found in Google. Therefore, some very interesting questions were asked, which made even the astronauts smile.

There is no time for inaccuracies in space. The live video conference with the International Space Station (ISS) began exactly at 6 pm. Children asked questions to two participating astronauts - Mark Vande Hei and Thomas Pesquet.

Some children may have unwittingly given an idea to NASA.

Can hens lay eggs in space, and if so, will the eggs be distorted in any way?

"Great question, we may have to prove it experimentally. We've never done such an experiment."

Other questions were more in a festive mood.


How do you celebrate your birthdays in space?

"I can tell you what we don't do - we don't light candles."


What would you bring from space as a gift for a child?

"Great question. If there is a child in space or a child who has lived all his life in space, I would give him/her a walking stick so the child can walk more stably," the astronauts replied.

The video conference was provided by the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria, in partnership with the US Embassy in Sofia, and along with over 30 organizations involved in educational initiatives in the area of science and technology.

"Inspiring a child to do science means we have done our job," said Petar Bozakov of the Atlantic Club of Bulgaria.

That's why before the meeting with the astronauts, the halls were full of children who improvised with everything. They did visible and an invisible interesting experiments - modeled 3D planets, made space food and studied radio communication techniques with space.

Sofia Photo Agency
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