Hyundai Ranked 7th in US Brand Loyalty Survey, Lexus is First

Hyundai Motor
20.07.2021 / 20:49

Hyundai Motor ranked 7th in the '2021 US Automotive Brand Loyalty Study' conducted by US market research firm J.D. Power, up a notch from last year. Kia maintained its ranking 6th.

According to the industry on the 19th, J.D. Power surveyed the brand loyalty based on transaction data from June last year to May this year, and Japanese company Subaru topped for three consecutive years with 61.8% in the general car brands category. Brand loyalty refers to the proportion of car owners who purchase the same brand when trading or purchasing a new car.

It was followed by Toyota (61.1%), Honda (59.3%), Ram (56.8%) and Ford (53.9%).

Kia was 52.2%, and slightly increased compared to the previous year (51.3%). Hyundai Motor (51.0%), which ranked 8th (47.4%) last year, overtook Chevrolet (49.2%) and increased by 3.6%p to 7th.

Among premium brands, Lexus (51.6%) topped for the three consecutive years. Porsche (50.2 %) ranked 2nd, followed by Mercedes-Benz (47.0%), BMW (45.6%) and Audi (45.5%).

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