Alpha Research poll: About 30 percent of Bulgarians approve the work of the caretaker cabinet

Sociologist Boryana Dimitrova
30.05.2021 / 11:09

The caretaker government started its work with high expectations - to show what can be done, albeit for a limited period, after strong polarization and confrontation in Bulgarian society, said to BNT the sociologist Boryana Dimitrova from Alpha Research.

About 30% are the undisputed supporters of the cabinet, and about 20% - its undisputed critics, Dimitrova said about the results of a recent poll.

When asked "Will you repeat your vote from the parliamentary elections in April", 54% of respondents answered in the affirmative, 25% said they would not vote, and the rest said they would decide depending on the situation. "The first reactions for the caretaker government were positive, and the first contradictory signals came with the new appointments," the sociologist commented.

The former ruling party GERB is experiencing a decline and the question is to what extent it will be able to control it, Dimitrova commented. She did not rule out a possibility that the party ITN (There is such a people) which was second in the April elections might be the winner on July 11.

Source: BNR

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