Beach Season in Greece Started – What Problems May Arise on Bulgarian Border?

27.05.2021 / 17:48

The beach season in Greece has kicked off, and with it surfaced the unresolved problems along our border. All passengers on board a Bulgarian bus were quarantined days ago at the Kulata border checkpoint because the health authorities refused to recognize their tests for Covid-19 made in our southern neighbor. Because of the rapid tests that the Greek health authorities of randomly make on Promahon border checkpoint, the queues before the weekend become kilometre-long.

Zdravka Chimeva, who organizes holidays and excursions to Greece, that the summer season will be foiled again and it will be a new blow to tourism industry. She insists that there should a green lane at the border for the organized tourist traveling to Greece, and on our territory, next to the Kulata border point, a laboratory should be set up to make the rapid tests for those entering Bulgaria, as required by our health authorities.

No matter whether you are on a one-day tip to the beach or one or two nightstays, seven hours at the border is a waste of time, Chimeva says.

The weather is nice, people are eager to travel, something needs to be done to facilitate their travel, she says.

Lawyer Martina Georgieva works in Greece. She clarified that cases of Bulgarian citizens who presented fake PCR tests are already taken over by the Regional Prosecutor's Office in Petrich. Some time ago, these cases were resolved by the Greek authorities, and Georgieva herself was sought by our compatriots who were caught violating Covid regulations

The penalty is a fine varying from 300 to 1000 euros and a suspended sentence. Lawyer Georgieva advises before traveling to Greece to check which Greek laboratories our health authorities recognize and avoid testing at mobile laboratories.

The European health authorities recognize 82 manufacturers of antigen tests, in Bulgaria there are only 16, of which 3 are used in Greece, explained Martina Georgieva. No antigen test indicates who the test manufacturer is, she said.

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