Covid-19: Tests Are Going to Show if Indian Variant Can Beat Immunity after Vaccination

Coronavirus test
15.05.2021 / 17:55

It is being tested whether the Indian version of the coronavirus can avoid immunity against COVID-19 after illness and vaccination, commented the epidemiologist Petar Markov in “This Saturday” on bTV.

He added that this species has a mutation that is known to overcome the immune system, but it does not completely erase our immunity after vaccination and illness.

“The other direction in which we are working is whether this option is more contagious than the original, there are some indications of this,” Markov added.

Regarding the deadly wave of coronavirus in India, the epidemiologist added that if there are measures in other countries to limit the epidemic and masks are worn indoors, the Indian version does not pose a threat.

Dr. Markov commented that he was in favor of vaccinating children against the coronavirus.

“This is a group that makes up a high percentage of the population,” he added.

The epidemiologist clarified that the dose of the drug in children is the same as in adults and does not expect to have various side effects.

“More than 2,200 children have been involved in clinical trials of the Pfizer vaccine. There is only one of them, which had a very high temperature, “Markov added.

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