Children who love to read take on the role of detectives

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09.05.2021 / 10:06

Educational platform has prepared a surprise for its young readers in Sofia, who today will be able to look for children's news hidden around the main alleys of the Zapaden Park, Borisova Gradina, Yuzhen Park and Zaimov Park. The first children's news of its kind in Bulgaria will be published on the platform's website on May 10. The new media will be called "SEE: News in Children's Language" and will encourage reading comprehension.

Children who manage to solve at least one questionnaire based on the news on the site will participate in a raffle with prizes on May 11 - Librarian's Day. After that the platform will present its annual awards for readers' achievements. 24 children from 24 classes will receive awards.

Source: BNR

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